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Precautions for the application of impermeable membrane

The price of the impermeable membrane can reflect the quality of the impermeable membrane at a certain level, and its use period lies in the paving and application of the geographical environment. Impermeable geomembrane is mainly the performance of the waterproof layer, and the key to the performance of the waterproof layer is the performance of the waterproof layer of the plastic membrane. The high-quality impermeable geomembrane has high-quality corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and high-quality cold resistance. The impermeability grade performance of the plastic film blocks the leakage pipeline of the dam foundation and bears the force, and has a very large tensile strength and tensile strength.

What should be paid attention to in the application of pond impermeable membrane?

Anti-seepage and Anti-erosion Effects of Geomembrane

The use of impermeable geomembrane in ponds is prominent.

1. For stone dams, there is a high possibility of large porosity in the middle of the block material. Although the surface of the concrete dam is relatively smooth, the surface of deformation joints, structural deformation joints, and their roller compacted concrete dams are generally uneven and have a large porosity. Under high working pressure, the impermeable geomembrane is likely to cause excessive deformation. It is proposed to select materials such as reinforced pond anti-seepage geomembrane or pond anti-seepage geomembrane, non-proof cloth, etc., and confirmed by relevant experiments;

2. Taking into account the harm of unevenly symmetrical road foundation settlement to the deformation of the pond’s anti-seepage geomembrane;

3. Attention should be paid to the surface maintenance of the pond impermeable geomembrane. For gentle slopes, thin mixed and special-shaped soil slabs can be selected; for slope protection, sprayed concrete and steel-plastic grids can be selected for engineering reinforcement. For vertical slopes, no maintenance is required;

4. The economic benefit ratio of HDPE (the ratio between the curve and the angle of the diamond and the rolling friction force) is about 0.58, and that of PVC is 0.88. Check the credibility of the waterproof layer in the pool and the membrane design on the slope. The impermeable geomembrane is applied together with the needled non-woven geotextile on both sides. For slope protection, the top of the anti-seepage geomembrane should be buried in the top drain.

Pond impermeable membrane is a flexible waterproof and protective material made of PE epoxy resin. The color is black and gray, the thickness is 0.5-1.0mm, the scale is 1-6m, and the roll length is 30-50 meters.

The pond impermeable membrane has a higher index value of the waterproof layer, and its operating temperature is 110°C and -70°C respectively. It can resist the corrosion of strong acid, alkali, and oil. It also has high tensile strength. It can be used for a long time to maintain its original performance. It can be used in scientific research under various extreme geological standards and under climatic conditions.

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