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Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to When Storing Geomembrane on Site

Geomembrane is a common impermeable material in construction projects. Due to the limitation of the certain construction period, some geomembrane materials cannot be used in time. At this time, it is necessary to put the remaining geomembrane materials in a suitable Where the low cost textured geomembrane is stored, we should pay attention to some issues. Improper storage will cause the geomembrane to be unnecessarily damaged to a certain extent.

1. If the storage area is open after storage, the plastic film should be used to cover it as far as possible, and it should be kept away from the machine or construction area of ​​the impermeable membrane manufacturer as far as possible to avoid damage.

2. The hanging weights are replaced by Qu codes, and the jaws of each fixture must show a “bow” shape, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of the load and tighten the bolts after the longitudinal deformation tends to stabilize.

3. The settlement plate should be buried at the bottom of the composite high quality textured geomembrane. Welding and repair work should be done at the connection point of the grass-proof fabric manufacturer to ensure that there is no leakage, and about 20cm-30cm from the bottom of the base to prevent the further settlement from causing damage to the composite membrane.

4. Any details are not allowed to be let go. If you scratch him with some sharp things, its leakage resistance will be damaged. The storage of the wholesale textured geomembrane should be kept away from sharp objects as much as possible.

Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to When Storing Geomembrane on Site

Geomembrane has good impermeability and elastic strain capacity, and the durability in underwater soil is also particularly outstanding. Good products should be equipped with accurate construction methods to achieve the best results.

The effect of geomembrane as a good anti-seepage material is obvious to all of us. The installation of the product is relatively simple, as long as the correct steps are followed to install it can prevent unnecessary troubles. Textured geomembrane for sale should have corresponding civil engineering before construction. The certificate of acceptance inspection shall be cut according to the actual size instead of the size shown.

Composite geomembrane is commonly used in modern anti-seepage projects. Generally, the welding method of composite geomembrane is waterproof board welding technology, so what problems should be paid attention to when performing waterproof board welding technology? The following editor has a brief discussion on this issue, let’s discuss it together.

1. The moisture-proof layer inside the composite LDPE geomembrane factory price should be welded with hot-melt monorail welding electromechanical welding. After the KS glue is melted, wipe it evenly on the anchor joint. The total width of the joint seam should not be less than 15 cm. The non-proof cloth and the non-proof cloth are sewn with a portable bag sewing machine and are usually bonded with a KS adhesive compounded with a composite geomembrane. The usual inspection method is also to use the human eye to check whether the two sides of the material impermeable membrane material are flat.

2. If the standard value displayed by the barometer is still ok, it means that the electric welding has already met the requirements of the decoration project. The vertical terminals should be spaced apart from the dam feet, and the bent foot should be built on a vertical surface at about 1.50m. The film orientation of the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane should be flat on the line of greater inclination. It is not necessary to over-tighten it. In order to partially move down Rushen.

3. The welding process of the waterproof board is more complicated. The welding requirements of the waterproof board are neat, with no sliding welding and the nature of the thing is skipped. The anti-seepage membrane is modified according to the local weather and the functional requirements of the waterproof board are pre-buried. The ductile deformation affected by temperature modification.

4. Welding waterproof board cannot be terminated under the condition of large sand, but the precautionary measure is that the welding distance should be T-shaped when the welding distance exceeds 50cm. The crossing should not be crossed. Welding anchorage inspection should be carried out. When the temperature is less than 5 ℃, and the temperature is less than 5 ℃, the anti-seepage membrane does not terminate the electric welding waterproof board according to the standard requirements.

Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to When Storing Geomembrane on Site

The above is the gloss problem that should be paid attention to when welding technology of composite geomembrane waterproof board produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers. Generally, when using local electricity under special circumstances, if you want to do a good job in welding and laying a geomembrane waterproof board, you need to use a certain voltage stabilizer. The tools need to be cleaned up before welding.

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