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Product Specifications of Filament Geotextile

Generally, qualified filament geotextiles must meet the relevant national standards, and the quality of geotextiles that do not meet the national standards cannot be guaranteed, so we must look at the relevant specifications of the products when selecting products What are the product specifications and characteristics of the high quality filament nonwoven geotextile?

1. Filament geotextile can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, the construction is safer and contributes to environmental protection, and it can solve the basic problems in engineering construction more economically, efficiently, and lastingly.

2. The filament nonwoven geotextile for sale has a good mechanical function and good water permeability and can resist corrosion and aging. It has the functions of isolating and filtering drainage and protecting and stiffening reinforcement. It can adapt to the uneven base layer to resist external force damage during construction and have small creep It can maintain the original function under long-term load.

3. Features of filament geotextile:
Strength-The tensile strength in all directions is higher than other needle-punched non-woven fabrics under the same weight specification;
Anti-ultraviolet light-with extremely high anti-ultraviolet capability;
Extreme high-temperature resistance-high temperature resistance up to 230 ℃, the structure remains intact at high temperatures.

Product Specifications of Filament Geotextile

When we choose products, we must have a preliminary understanding of the relevant characteristics of the product, so that we can really choose the right product when purchasing. For the introduction of the relevant characteristics of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price, we hope that we can buy it Provide some help in the process.

The common geotextiles have a cloth type with a certain length and width. Generally, if there is a crack in the geotextile, if the geotextile can still be used, we need to carry out certain repair work. What measures should be taken?

The self-inspection or repair work of the geotextile is combined with its own characteristics. When the crack exceeds 10% of the coil width, the damaged part needs to be cut off and then the geotextile on both sides is connected for repair. A new small piece of geotextile replaces the patch at the repaired area that should be extended to at least 30 cm of wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile.
1. The patch material used to repair holes or cracks should be consistent with the filament geotextile.
2. The patch should extend at least 30 cm outside the damaged filament geotextile.

Product Specifications of Filament Geotextile

At the bottom of the landfill, if the filament polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale crack exceeds the coil, the damaged part must be cut off, and then the two filament geotextiles are connected. If the crack on the slope exceeds 10% of the coil width, the roll filament The geotextile was removed and replaced with a new roll of filament geotextile.

Taking such measures is not wasteful for filament geotextiles, and at the same time saves many users the headaches of dealing with the damage of filament polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price, so the best way to repair the damage of filament geotextiles is worth everyone, so I hope the above methods can bring you some help.

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