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  • Storage And Drainage Sheet

    Storage And Drainage Sheet

    China storage and drainage sheet factory and suppliers supply low-cost storage and drainage sheet if you want to wholesale low-cost storage and drainage sheet, welcome to consult storage and drainage sheet for sale. High density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene (PP) is used for water storage and drainage sheet made in China produced by the China storage and drainage sheet suppliers. It is a kind of light-sheet that can not only build a drainage channel with a certain three-dimensional space support stiffness but also store water by heating and pressing.
    The China storage and drainage sheet factory itself has the function of water storage and drainage, the sheet has the characteristics of extremely high spatial stiffness, the compressive resistance is significantly better than similar products (can be tested by field tests), can withstand more than 400Kpa of high compressive load, at the same time can withstand the extreme load of mechanical rolling in the process of planting roof backfill soil.

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  • Dimple Drainage Board

    Dimple Drainage Board

    China dimple drainage board suppliers and manufacturers supply factory price & high quality dimple drainage board if you want to wholesale dimple drainage board factory price, welcome to consult dimple drainage board for sale. Dimple drainage board is made of HDPE, it has high impact resistance and pressure resistance which can resist long-term high pressure. The drainage board can be produced at different heights, from 8mm to 60mm, to meet the drainage requirements of different projects. The top surface of the dimple drainage board factory price produced by the dimple drainage board manufacturers is bonded with a layer of geotextile to prevent soil particles from passing through, in order to avoid blocking the drainage channel and make the drainage channel smooth. Traditional drainage methods use masonry and gravel as the filter layer. The strength of Replacing gravel layer with dimple drainage board factory price produced by the dimple drainage board manufacturers is that it can save time, labor and energy, save investment and reduce the load of buildings.

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