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Reasons for Restricting the Performance of Geotextile Drainage

We know that the most frequently used water filtration product in major projects is polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale, but in fact, because of various factors, the water drainage of geotextile is also limited, so the main reason for the suppression of the water drainage of geotextile What are they?

1. One of the factors that affect the reverse filtration drainage of geotextiles is related to the pore size of woven geotextiles. If the pore size is larger, the natural permeability will be stronger; if the pore size is smaller, then the permeability will be smaller .

2. In addition to this effect that will affect the reverse filtration of the geotextile, in addition to the nature and state of the protected soil, the instability of the soil or poetry will also affect the reverse filtration layer. At the same time, the density and humidity will also affect the filtering effect to varying degrees.

Reasons for Restricting the Performance of Geotextile Drainage

3. Many of the geotextiles also have an applicable environment. The characteristics of water flow in the prevention and control of soil erosion by environmental engineering, and the filtering effect of geotextile are also related to the flow pattern of water flow. If it belongs to the extraordinary flow or there is a bidirectional flow, the formation of the filter system will become more complicated.

In the construction process, by skillfully avoiding the above situation, it is believed that the drainage of the main function of composite geotextile will have a good effect, and ensuring the drainage of the geotextile is also decisive for the success or failure of the project construction, so we are in the construction You must pay more attention to it.

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