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Related Technology of Vertically Laying HDPE Impervious Film

The technology for vertically laying anti-seepage membranes on plain rivers, especially sand-based embankment seepage prevention projects, has been very mature, especially the HDPE anti-seepage membranes in eastern China have been successful in many cases. Then let’s talk about the technical problems of sand-base vertical HDPE impermeable textured geomembrane factory price.

1. Before placing the film vertically, unwind the HDPE impermeable film on the flattened field (15X30m), wrap it flatly around the plastic film shaft and bind it with vinyl rope four times. The tight edges of the HDPE impermeable membrane wrapped around the plastic film shaft are aligned so that the HDPE impervious membrane wrapped around the plastic film shaft is as long as possible under a certain groove width.

2. Lift the plastic film shaft to the rear of the plastic car, fix the shaft into the HDPE impermeable LDPE geomembrane factory price tube, and bind the two shafts to connect the hanging fasteners. Use a hoist to lift the plastic film shaft and the fixed shaft vertically off the ground.

3. Determine the location of the HDPE impermeable membrane. According to the design requirements, the overlap width is 2.Om, and measure 2.Om backwards along the edge of the front web film as the position of the lower barrier film.

4. Start the winch and vertically lower the plastic film shaft and the fixed shaft into the groove. Remove the vinyl rope binding HDPE impermeable membrane and fixed shaft while lowering the impervious environmental geomembrane manufacturers. After reaching the bottom of the groove, drive the fixed shaft into the soil for 0.5 ~ 1.0m.

5. Use the plastic film shaft to rotate the HDPE impermeable film to spread out and lay it flatly into the tank before starting the plastic spreading vehicle.

6. When laying the HDPE impermeable membrane, the impermeable membrane should always be close to the notch side. The upper part should be left with a 0.5m long film and pressed with soil to prevent slipping.

7. After the HDPE impermeable environmental geomembrane factory price is laid, backfill in the tank should be carried out in time. Generally, it is not required to delay 18 to 24h to prevent the tank wall from collapsing. Backfill the clay in the range of 1 to 2m at the bottom of the trough and backfill it with general earth material. And after 2 or 3 backfills, fill the soil with the notch and ram it.

main steps of impermeable membrane welding

I believe that through the above introduction, you have a certain understanding of the related technologies of vertically laying HDPE impermeable membranes. For the laying of impervious membranes, we must follow the correct steps and methods to ensure the quality of the construction is also in line with the requirements of.

The role of impermeable membranes in the construction of the project cannot be ignored. It is also a very important work for the welding of products during the construction of impervious membranes. To help you learn more about the techniques of impervious aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers welding, today Let’s take a look at the steps of welding the impermeable membrane:

1. Machine adjustment of the impermeable membrane welding machine: When welding the impermeable membrane, the temperature and pressure of the welding machine should be adjusted, and the impermeable membrane sample should be connected to the welding as required to start the motor and start welding.

2. Welding of impermeable membrane samples: Before formal welding of impermeable wholesale aquaculture geomembrane, a 0.9mm * 0.3mm impermeable membrane specimen should be cut on site for welding to check whether the welding quality and welding machine adjustment are qualified.

3. Clean up the debris at the lap of the impermeable membrane: To ensure the quality of the welding, when welding the impervious membrane, arrange a dedicated person to clean and wipe the lap joint of the impervious membrane in front of the welding machine. Clean up debris and dirt.

4. Testing the welding seam: When welding the impermeable low price aquaculture geomembrane, it is necessary to ensure that the welding place of the impermeable membrane is neat and beautiful, and to avoid jumping and slip welding due to external force factors. Special personnel to check whether it meets the standard.

5. Treatment of the welding seam of the impermeable membrane: If the length of the impervious membrane is not enough, cut in advance according to the length of the impervious membrane required. The welding seam should be T-shaped. When welding, the transverse weld of the impermeable membrane is welded first. After the transverse weld is processed, the longitudinal weld is welded.

6. Anti-seepage film details processing: When the anti-seepage film is welded, there will be individual details, and it is impossible to use the welding machine for welding treatment. In this case, a welding gun or special adhesive for anti-seepage film can be used for anti-seepage treatment.

I believe that everyone has a few steps in the process of welding the impermeable high quality HDPE geomembrane. We must not cut corners during construction, so that the project can achieve good results!

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