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Requirements of Geomembrane in The Process of Anti-seepage Construction

The geomembrane of the Zhoutou Reservoir dam composite geomembrane adopts recurrent homework for excavation, geomembrane laying, ramming, and protection in anti-seepage construction. Relying on a 10cm thick protective layer of geomembrane, the soil must be sieved. It is not willing to have particles larger than 6mm in size, otherwise, it is easy to puncture the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane. The soil of the protective layer must be compacted with ramming to ensure that the dry bulk density is above 1.5, and samples are taken for inspection at any time. When backfilling the protective layer and the masonry block surface, it must be handled gently to avoid breaking the geomembrane.

Under the protective surface of the block stone, 100mm thick gravel or gravel cushion should be laid to prevent the soil protection layer from being washed away due to changes in water levels, wind waves, and other factors. Dry block stones should be laid by artificial lines. The block should be tightly embedded, the individual weight of the surface block should be greater than 48kg, and all gaps should be filled with small blocks. The base surface must be properly treated according to the design conditions. This is the link to ensure the effectiveness of anti-seepage, especially for sharp stones, EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer), and ECB (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt) is designed to be used in underground applications. Blended LDPE geomembrane factory price), which type of polymer chemical flexible material, smaller specific gravity, strong extensibility, high ability to conform to deformation, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, good freeze resistance. Geomembrane is mainly used in waste burial plants, water treatment projects such as wastewater treatment plants. Geomembrane is mainly used for tunnel composite lining, and the roof is not exposed properly. Geomembrane is mainly used in subway projects, tunnels, air-raid shelters, dams, artificial lakes, industrial waterproofing, and other projects.

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