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Rules And Matters Of Geomembrane Construction Technology

Joint treatment of geomembrane is the key procedure of construction, which directly affects the operation life of the project. The jointed surfaces are heated to melt and then fused into one by pressure.

After laying the LDPE geomembrane, it should be pressed with sandbags to prevent wind. The special welding machine is used for welding. To adjust the temperature and speed, (can also be glued). No dirt, moisture, dust and so on are required at the edge joints.

Drainage and waterproofing can be carried out by using the aquifer, and any seepage can be exported to ensure that the roof is dry. Fast drainage through the channel provided by the grid core is proportional to the drainage capacity of different geotechnical network core structures.

Construction should be carried out in strict accordance with technical specifications and five quality checks should be made, such as preparation, paving, splicing, inspection and backfilling. When laying, the orientation of Geomembrane in each unit should be adjusted so as to facilitate the welding of Geomembrane in two units.

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