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The Service Life of Waterproof Geotextile

In engineering construction, it can be said that the waterproof geotextile is a new type of environmental protection anti-seepage geotextile, which has excellent anti-seepage isolation and reinforcement functions. And the waterproof geotextile application introduction also has the characteristics of safety and environmental protection, low cost, and convenient construction, and the scope of use in the construction of various projects is also very extensive.

The Service Life of Waterproof Geotextile

There are many standards and specifications when waterproof geotextiles are used. Generally speaking, geotextiles mainly include staple fiber needle punched and nonwoven geotextiles, filament needle punched geotextiles, and woven geotextiles and filament woven geotextiles. Geomembrane materials include new materials and first-class materials and second-class materials. And the service life of waterproof geotextiles with different raw materials is different.

After we carried out the aging test of the waterproof geotextile after different treatments, we found that the general purpose of the underground waterproof geotextile will not be reduced for 50 to 100 years, and environmental factors will also have a certain impact on the service life of the filtration and water permeability of filament geotextile. The life of geotextiles will also be greatly reduced by 10 to 20 times when used in open sunlight.

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