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Similarities and Differences Between Geomembrane and Impermeable Membrane

In fact, many people think that the geomembrane and the impermeable membrane are the same, but they are called differently. Therefore, it is necessary for us to answer the questions related to the aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers and impermeable membrane. Are geomembrane and impermeable membrane the same? What are the similarities and differences? Geomembrane and impermeable membrane are strictly different types of new impermeable membranes waterproof materials.

The similarities between geomembrane and impermeable membrane:
Geomembrane and impermeable membrane are the same only in their appearance, color, and some additives, etc. The color of high-quality environmental geomembrane and impermeable membrane products is usually black, the appearance is usually a roll of waterproof membrane, and the raw materials are HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is selected for processing and production.

The difference between geomembrane and impermeable membrane:
Geomembrane: As the name implies, geomembrane is a kind of geosynthetic material. The raw material is made of high-quality high-density polyethylene as the raw material for production. The geomembrane formula mainly contains carbon, acid and alkali resistance agents, anti-stretching agents, anti-breaking agents, and resistance. Additives such as wear.

Similarities and Differences Between Geomembrane and Impermeable Membrane

Impermeable membrane: Although the impervious membrane is also a kind of waterproof membrane in the new geosynthetic materials, the impermeable membrane is very high in R & D technology, production equipment, and formula. The raw materials of the impermeable membrane are mainly selected from high-quality HDPE resins. Equipped with about 2.5% carbon black, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-oxidant, infrared absorber, optical stabilizer, and other auxiliary materials. In addition to reasonable auxiliary formulas, usually, high-quality anti-seepage membranes require professional international The production of first-class impermeable membrane machinery and equipment, our current waterproof membrane industry is not perfect, the impermeable membrane production equipment is far less than the performance of the international advanced impermeable membrane production equipment, the experiment shows that the same domestic impermeable membrane production equipment manufacturing The logistics performance of the anti-seepage membrane of the material formula is only 1/3 of the performance of the imported anti-seepage membrane production equipment in Italy, and the breeding anti-seepage membrane produced by the imported equipment has 99.9% non-toxic and environmental protection.

The main application fields of geomembrane are also very different from anti-seepage membranes. Geomembranes are generally used for anti-seepage in landfills, anti-seepage in artificial lakes, anti-seepage in tailings landfills, anti-seepage in artificial rivers, anti-seepage in landscape pools, and highways. Railway anti-seepage reinforcement and tunnel anti-seepage engineering, etc. In addition to the application fields of environmental geomembrane for sale, the anti-seepage membrane is also mainly used in aquaculture anti-seepage and waterproofing, roof garden waterproofing and root blocking, and basement waterproofing and dampproofing And oil tank foundation anti-seepage works and so on.

In summary, geomembrane and impermeable membrane are actually two different new waterproof materials; the impermeable membrane is more expensive than geomembrane, has wider application fields, and more reliable material quality; the impermeable membrane is an upgrade of environmental geomembrane manufacturers Products, so we can say that the impermeable membrane is a geomembrane, but the geomembrane cannot be said to be an impermeable membrane.

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