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Skills of Geomembrane in Material Selection

1. How to choose materials

In the material selection process, the specifications, dimensions, and performance of the composite geomembrane should be selected. When selecting the specifications of composite geomembrane, the actual structure of the reservoir bottom and dam body should be considered. When selecting the size of the composite geomembrane produced by aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers, it should be selected according to the actual size of the reservoir bottom and the dam body. When selecting the performance of composite geomembrane, it is necessary to consider not only the actual needs of anti-seepage engineering but also the environmental factors that affect composite geomembrane. The composite geomembrane of SN2/PE-16-300-0.3 specification should be selected, that is, the non-production staple fiber needle punched/PE composite geomembrane with a nominal breaking strength of 16KN/m, two cloths and one film (PE film), The non-woven fabric is made of polyester staple fiber, the total mass per unit area is 300g/m2, each layer is 150g/m2, and the film thickness is 0.3mm. According to the material provided by the manufacturer, the width of the composite low price aquaculture geomembrane is 6m, and the lap strength is not low. For the strength of the base material. The quality of the composite geomembrane should meet the requirements of “Specification for Geosynthetics Nonwoven Composite Geomembrane” (GB/T17642-2008). The composite geomembrane anti-seepage structure is composed of a membrane base, a composite geomembrane anti-seepage layer, and an upper protective layer.

Anti-seepage and Anti-erosion Effects of Geomembrane

2. Lay the film substrate surface

According to the actual situation of this project, the silt and debris on the silty clay layer in front of the dam should be removed first, and the surface should be compacted and leveled with a clapper. After leveling, the high quality aquaculture geomembrane is directly pressed on the sandy soil of the dam body.

3. Protective layer design

The anti-seepage effect of composite geomembrane depends on the integrity of the plastic film during construction and operation. In order to prevent the trampling of people and animals, the injury of animals and plants, and reduce the impact of light and heat, because they are high molecular chemical fiber polymers, direct sunlight should be particularly avoided, so a protective layer should be laid on the composite high quality environmental geomembrane.

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