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Some problems in the construction of composite geomembrane

During construction, it is necessary not only to ensure the efficiency of the construction but also to ensure the quality of the construction. Not only must the construction be completed, but also some problems during the construction must be always paid attention to, and the quality must be strictly checked.

The composite geomembrane should be inspected before construction, and the geomembrane that meets the requirements should be selected for construction, and the use of those that do not meet the requirements is strictly prohibited. Before construction, the environment must be tested to ensure that the air humidity and ambient temperature meet the requirements of the construction, otherwise, it will have a serious impact on welding or adhesion, which is not conducive to the construction. The composite geomembrane shall inspect the processes required for construction, determine the specific parameters of these processes, provide convenience for the subsequent construction, and ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

Problems That Should Be Paid Attention to When Storing Geomembrane on Site

The cutting of the geomembrane should be carried out strictly in accordance with the measured data, and the cutting should be neat, leaving enough overlap space to ensure that the splicing is firm. When there is an uneven place in the construction, the geomembrane is required to be removed and re-spliced. Strictly operate in accordance with the requirements when lapped, and cannot stand on the geomembrane when welding to avoid damage to the material.

After the completion of the construction, the geomembrane should be protected. To prevent damage, it should be placed in a dark environment. For damage caused by non-compliance during the construction, it should be found and repaired in time. For discordance, requirements Reorganize the area to ensure the surface of the geomembrane is clean and tidy.

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