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Special Anti-seepage Membrane for Black Film Biogas Digester

The black membrane biogas digester has the characteristics of large anaerobic fermentation volume, the long residence time of wastewater, large biogas output, and low operating cost. It is suitable for the treatment of foam fertilizers and manure in large-scale breeding farms. The construction of the application of geomembrane in biogas digester has many advantages.

The intuitive point is that the dosage is very large, it has natural advantages in construction costs, maintenance, and management, natural gas production, power generation, sewage treatment, etc., has strong economic, social and ecological benefits, good engineering principles are inseparable from good The raw materials and good anti-seepage membrane of the biogas digester are the foundation of the project’s success.

Shandong Taidong is a large-scale enterprise integrating production, sales, and construction. The procurement and construction of raw materials for biogas tank impermeable membranes are strictly controlled, and quality is guaranteed from the source. The construction process of the black membrane biogas tank oxidation pond sewage pond is simple to dig. After exiting, directly lay the film, the pipeline is discharged through the pipeline, the sewage is discharged, and the cover is just needed. The black film biogas digester needs professional technical welding workers to complete. Our company has a professional construction team that can provide on-site guidance for customers. From the laying of the base film to the later capping, the product and construction quality can be guaranteed, which has won unanimous praise from the cooperative enterprises.

Special Anti-seepage Membrane for Black Film Biogas Digester

The scientific name of the high-density polyethylene black film biogas digester is “cover lagoon”. The biogas wastewater treatment system is widely used in large pig farms in Europe, the Americas, and Southeast Asia. This technology was introduced in China in 2000, with low investment, low operating costs, and Effectively degrade the concentration of chemical oxygen demand and biochemical oxygen demand in wastewater.

The foundation of the biogas digester is tamped with plain soil unit price of composite geomembrane, the bottom is treated with a high-density polyethylene film (thickness 1.0 mm) that meets the US impervious standards, and the top is sealed with high-density polyethylene (thickness 1.5 mm) that meets the US floating coverage standard.

Features of covered lagoon biogas digester:
1. Low construction cost, convenient construction and short construction period;
2. Long residence time, good water output;
3. High density polyethylene film has good heat absorption and high gas production rate;
4. Ultra-large gas storage capacity to achieve integrated gas storage;
5. The slag discharge function can be well achieved. This technology is a biogas digester with low investment and an ideal effect on the current technology. It has been highly praised by farmers around the world in recent years.

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