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Specific Steps of Impermeable Membrane Welding

The impermeable membrane should strictly follow the construction rules when welding, so as to better ensure the welding quality of the impervious HDPE geomembrane suitable field, and the anti-leakage of the project can also be controlled to a minimum. So what is the procedure for welding impermeable membranes? Let’s take a detailed look at the welding steps.

1. Machine adjustment of anti-seepage film welding machine
When welding, the temperature and pressure of the welding machine should be adjusted, and the sample should be connected to the welding as required to start welding.

2. Welding of impermeable membrane samples
Before welding, cut a 0.9mm * 0.3mm sample for welding on-site to check whether the welding quality and welding machine adjustment are qualified.

3. Clean up the debris at the overlap of the impermeable membrane
Arrange special personnel to clean and wipe the impermeable membrane lap joint before the welding machine.

Specific Steps of Impermeable Membrane Welding

4. Testing the welding seam
To ensure that the welding place is neat and beautiful, and to avoid jumping and sliding welding caused by an external force, it is necessary to detect each weld.

5. Treatment of welding seam of the impermeable anti-seepage membrane is constructed below zero degrees celsius
The length is not enough to cut according to the required length, and the welding seam is T-shaped. Weld the transverse seam first and then weld the longitudinal seam.

6. Detail treatment of anti-seepage membrane
Individual details can not be welded with a welding machine. In this case, a welding gun or special glue for the impermeable membrane can be used for impermeable treatment.

If there are some special conditions on the construction site during welding, we can consult the anti-seepage membrane manufacturer, and then understand the rules of construction welding before proceeding with the anti-seepage membrane welding treatment. I believe this will be able to complete the welding well. Mission.

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