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Talking about the Application of Composite Geomembrane in Xinjiang Plain Reservoir

Abstract: As a new type of geosynthetics with high quality, low price and convenient materials, composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane have become more and more mature in the current construction of water conservancy projects in Xinjiang. However, there are still many influences on the anti-seepage quality of composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers in the application process. The problem, this paper focuses on how to avoid several methods that affect the anti-seepage of composite LDPE geomembrane for sale during construction.

Keywords: composite LDPE geomembrane factory price; plain reservoir; anti-seepage; treatment

1. The role of composite geomembrane in plain reservoirs

Due to the complex geological conditions and serious desertification in Xinjiang, the geological conditions are mostly gravel Gobi, sand gravel, sandy soil light soil, silt soil, and saline-alkaline soil, all of which is soil with high permeability coefficient. Under the construction of the plain reservoir, the first problem to be solved is the problem of infiltration. As a new type of chemical product, composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane has good permeability resistance, water pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low-temperature resistance, high strength, non-toxicity, heat preservation, moisturizing, anti-frost and anti-freezing properties. It is Xinjiang. The first choice for anti-seepage materials in plain reservoirs.

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2. Factors affecting the anti-seepage performance of composite geomembrane and solutions

2.1 Material selection
At present, there are many types of high quality LDPE geomembrane circulating on the market, including HDPE, LDPE, CPE, EVA, PVC, etc., composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers such as a cloth, a film, a film, a film, and a film. The geotextile used in combination with the composite LDPE geomembrane for sale There are also many types, mainly divided into short-fiber geotextiles, long-fiber geotextiles, and polypropylene geotextiles. LDPE geomembrane factory price and geotextiles of various specifications have different properties in terms of weight, thickness, breaking strength and bursting strength. According to my experience in 7 years of water conservancy projects in Xinjiang and the two projects of drinking water and sedimentation tanks in the four counties of Kashi City, and the status of storage and sedimentation tanks in the Aksu area, as well as design documents and comprehensive geological conditions in Xinjiang. It is said that the Xinjiang plain reservoir is mostly HDPE textured geomembrane factory price with a thickness of 0.5mm and 0.6mm and width of 6m and needled geotextile of 200g/m2 of staple fiber; the most common composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane is the width of 4m and 6m membrane. To ensure the quality of the anti-seepage and reduce the weld seam low cost textured geomembrane, it is more suitable to select the width of 6m. The specific length can be customized according to the site construction conditions and construction requirements. Different parts are selected from different specifications. The bottom of the tray is generally made of cloth with a thickness of 0.6mm and above, and a composite low cost textured geomembrane is used for anti-seepage. The slope is generally made of two-layer and one-film composite LDPE geomembrane factory price with a thickness of 0.5mm or more. Seepage.

2.2 Storage, laying
The construction of composite LDPE geomembrane for sale is of vital importance in the construction of plain reservoirs. First, the composite textured geomembrane factory price should be placed in a suitable position to cover the protection after entering the field to avoid the accelerated aging rate of the raw materials. It is best to build the warehouse and store it in the warehouse. The LDPE geomembrane manufacturers are best to choose black or dark bags and cover the tarpaulin when transporting long distances. If the bag is found during the stacking process, Damage should be covered or used in a timely manner. Secondly, after the raw materials enter the site, the supervision unit and the construction unit must check the raw material product certificate and the factory inspection report. Under the conditions of both, the supervision unit should witness or entrust the relevant units to conduct on-site sampling and testing. In this link, it should be noted that in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, the sampling process should randomly select a roll of composite high quality LDPE geomembrane (geo-textile) under the witness of the supervision unit or the construction unit, and cut the short-edge joint 2 m after the length direction low cost textured geomembrane. According to the requirements of the inspection specifications, the required raw materials shall be taken for testing. The test contents must meet the requirements of the design drawings and relevant specifications. After the test results are qualified, they can agree to enter the field for inspection and use. It is strictly forbidden to enter or use the unqualified products. Entry deadline to clear the exit. Third, the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane should be pre-layed and cut in advance during the construction process, especially the arc section of the plain reservoir. It is necessary to pre-lay and cut it in advance to avoid waste and affect the welding quality. It is strictly forbidden to wear high-heeled shoes or spiked shoes during the laying process. It is required to wear flat-bottom shoes or soft-soled shoes to avoid damaging the LDPE geomembrane factory price materials. When constructing the bottom of the reservoir tray, be sure to compact the foundation surface tightly. Under normal circumstances, the design drawings will require the foundation surface compaction. The construction unit and the supervision unit can strictly follow the design requirements. If the design is not required, in order to ensure the anti-seepage quality, it is recommended that the construction unit should compact itself. Due to the particularity of Xinjiang’s geology, after the foundation surface is compacted, there may be localized coarse aggregates or raised sharp objects. In order to ensure that the composite textured geomembrane factory price material is not damaged, the anti-seepage effect is exerted as much as possible. 10~15cm silt or fine sand is laid on the compacted foundation surface and then crushed and tested for compaction textured geomembrane factory price. This can not only perform the effect of filling and compacting the coarse aggregate, but also protect the geotechnical work. Membrane and moisture-proof effect, which greatly reduces the damage to the original material caused by the instability of the foundation. After the completion of the slope foundation treatment, it is recommended to cast a layer of mortar pad of about 5cm, which not only can play a leveling effect but also form a certain protective effect on the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers. Fourth, after the completion of the foundation surface treatment, the film construction can be entered. At the bottom of the storage tray, it is generally recommended to select a white cloth with a thickness of 0.6 mm and above and a width of 6 m plus a cloth low cost textured geomembrane. A cloth or a film having a thickness of 0.5 mm or more is added with one cloth or two cloths. The thick film has high strength and pressure resistance, which can avoid some artificial and mechanical damage. After the sloped mortar is poured, the film can be laid. Be sure to clean the surface of the mortar pad before laying the film on the slope. If there are stones, mortar blocks, or raised sharp objects, be sure to clean them. high quality LDPE geomembrane laying should not be too tight, generally leaving 3% to 5% of the amount of expansion and contraction. The membrane of the reservoir is generally paved with slopes, and then the trays are laid, first laid downstream, then laid upstream, and the upstream side is pressed downstream.

2.3 Welding, bonding
The composite LDPE geomembrane for sale is laid, and the welding process can be carried out after the inspection has no defects. The quality of the welding directly determines the quality of the anti-seepage effect, which determines the success or failure of the construction of the plain reservoir. There are many influencing factors in the welding process, such as the thickness of the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers, the voltage at the construction site, the crawling speed of the welder, etc., and reasonable control of the construction site can greatly improve the welding quality. In order to avoid interference from the above factors, the following points are crucial:

First, the choice of welding. At present, the most used in China is the Ruifu RFT-501 crawling welding machine (welding speed: 0 ~ 6m / min, heating temperature: 0 ~ 450 ° C, welding material thickness: 0.3mm ~ 3.0mm) and RFT-DG3400 German plastic The welding torch is welded. The price of this equipment is moderate, it is the first choice for ordinary composite LDPE geomembrane factory price welding, and it is also the most common welding equipment used in hydraulic engineering. The composite LDPE geomembrane for sale with high welding quality requirements can be welded by TWINNYS50/60 crawling welding machine imported from Switzerland (welding temperature 250-450 °C, walking speed 1.0-3.5 m/min, suitable for welding of composite high quality LDPE geomembrane of various specifications). Imported equipment has good welding quality, but the cost is expensive. The price of a welding machine reaches 160,000 yuan. Second, determine the welding parameters and welding personnel low cost textured geomembrane. The control of welding temperature and walking speed is very important. If the temperature is too high and the walking speed is slow, it will cause weld penetration. If the temperature is too low, walking faster will result in weak welding, affecting welding quality and anti-seepage effect. The welding of wholesale LDPE geomembrane must require the use of skilled operators, such as the domestic RFT-501 crawler welding machine, the walking speed is 4m / min, the welding temperature is not lower than 430 °C; if the Swiss import TWINNYS50/60 It is advisable to weld the crawler welder at a running speed of 2.5 m/min and a welding temperature of not less than 430 °C. The places where the local cutting is inconvenient to weld can be connected by a bonding method. At present, the widely used composite LDPE geomembrane factory price bonding materials are KS glue and HN-2 glue, both of which are reasonable in price and good in bonding effect, which is the construction process of the plain reservoir. The preferred material for lap joints and tailored composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers connections in curved or circular sections.

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2.4 Testing
In order to verify the welding effect after the completion of the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane welding, the LDPE geomembrane for sale weld inspection test must be carried out; the widely used detection method is the aeration test method. Use RFT-DG3400 German plastic welding torch to weld the two ends of the weld, and then insert the needle at the end of the gas tube with the air pressure gauge into the weld to inflate, the air pressure is 0.5~2.0MPa, and the continuous voltage stabilization time is about 30s; If there is a gas leakage phenomenon during the inflation process, the leaking point should be found in time to be welded with a welding torch, and then the test is carried out; if the weld seam is no longer leaking, the voltage regulation time is recorded after the requirements of the composite specification, indicating that the weld quality is qualified low cost textured geomembrane. In the detection process, special attention should be paid to the strength and skill of the needle insertion. Remember that the force is too strong, and the underlying membrane insertion injury will affect the testing effect and the anti-seepage effect. In order to ensure the quality of the weld and the anti-seepage effect, the welds shall be tested and recorded one by one, and the test pinholes shall be repaired in time by applying a patch of light film and a hot air torch.

2.5 Backfilling, pouring
After the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane welding test is qualified, it should be backfilled and poured in time. If it cannot be backfilled and poured in time, cover measures should be taken in time to avoid accelerated aging and affect the service life. The factors affecting the anti-seepage effect of the man-made and mechanically damaged wholesale LDPE geomembrane existing in the process of heavy-duty backfilling and slope concrete pouring low cost textured geomembrane; the following measures can be taken to prevent: First, the membrane is tested on the membrane after the textured geomembrane factory price is completed. Then lay a fine sand or clay of about 10cm to form a structural system consisting of a base layer, a sand (soil) cushion, a composite LDPE geomembrane for sale, a sand (soil) cushion, and a cover heavy layer from the bottom to the top, and the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers The package is formed between the two layers of sand (soil) to form a flexible protective layer. Under the film, the damage of the film by the protrusion or the sharp object of the base layer can be prevented, and the film can prevent the damage of the film by the sharp object of the cover layer. It can effectively improve the quality of the textured geomembrane factory price and ensure the anti-seepage effect. Second, after the LDPE geomembrane factory price inspection of the slope is completed, a layer of mortar pad of about 3 cm can be poured on the film to form a structural system from the bottom to the top, the mortar layer, the composite textured geomembrane factory price, and the mortar cushion. The film is wrapped in a 2-layer mortar mat. After completing these two measures and then backfilling or pouring, the anti-seepage effect of the high quality LDPE geomembrane will be better.

3. Summary

In recent years, the application of composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane in the construction of Xinjiang plain reservoir has become more and more extensive. It is the key to ensure the success of Xinjiang plain reservoir construction and to solve the problem of rational allocation and utilization of water resources in southern Xinjiang. To develop new agriculture in Xinjiang, improve economic efficiency, and enhance the sustainable development of the regional economy.

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