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Testing Method of Geomembrane Tensile Force

The combination of geomembrane and plastic film not only increases the tensile strength and puncture resistance of the plastic film but also effectively increases the friction coefficient of the touch surface due to the rough surface of the nonwoven fabric, which is beneficial to the geomembrane and maintenance layer Stability. So what is the method of tensile testing to detect the leakage of composite geomembrane?

Testing Method of Geomembrane Tensile Force

When testing, we can use the secant modulus iterative method with R element analysis to test the geomembrane and the dam body together, so that the detection accuracy is higher, not only can reflect the stress status of various plans. The tensile strength of the geomembrane can also be calculated. What needs to be explained is that this method is only applicable to situations where there is no slack.

The quality of geotechnical materials has a great influence on their prices. The quality level and the use of raw materials have a great relationship and the effect of water quality on the aging of materials and materials is not very large, so when using geomembrane construction requirements The stress should be small and not too tight, so it is generally best not to exceed 20% of the tensile strength.

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