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The Difference Between Geotextile and Geomembrane

Geomembrane and geotextile are common impermeable materials in our engineering construction. They all have good impermeability. The good performance makes geomembrane and geotextile widely used in various construction sites, but in fact, both are There are different performances, so what is the difference between geotextile and HDPE geomembrane factory price?

1. Geomembrane is a high-molecular polymer made of polyethylene particles as the raw material through the extrusion laminating machine process and the blown film blowing machine process.

2. The geomembrane has good flexibility, tensile ductility, puncture resistance, and low permeability coefficient. The main features are anti-seepage and isolation.

3. Geomembrane is divided into white, transparent, and black. Generally, black is used because of the addition of double antibodies. Double antibodies refer to the addition of antioxidants and anti-ultraviolet auxiliary materials. The white ones are mainly used in tunnels. It is the tunnel waterproof board.

4. Geotextile is the non-woven fabric that is often used in practice. It is divided into staple fiber needle-punched nonwoven geotextile and polyester filament spunbond needle-punched nonwoven geotextile, referred to as short silk cloth and filament cloth. There is also a machine-woven filament woven geotextile.

5. The tensile force of filament cloth with the same gram weight is higher than that of short wire cloth. Generally, the thickness of short wire cloth is thicker than that of long wire cloth.

6. Geotextile is also known as permeable geotextile because of its good water permeability. It has the effect of reinforcing protection and filtering in road maintenance, airports, landfills, and other projects; and the low permeability coefficient of HDPE geomembrane for sale makes it Excellent anti-seepage and isolation effect.

The Difference Between Geotextile and Geomembrane

There is still a certain difference in performance between geomembrane and geotextile, but it does not prevent the mixed-use of the two to exert a magical effect. With China’s emphasis on the ecological environment and the gradual improvement of national environmental awareness, geotextile and geomembrane Becoming an important material for environmental protection projects have become a trend. Geomembrane produced by HDPE geomembrane manufacturers and geotextile materials is the key to the entire anti-seepage main system, which will be related to the success or failure of the entire project.

Geomembrane is made of plastic film and used as a foundation waterproof material. Geomembrane can be mixed with geotextile to form a new waterproof material. The chemical molecules of geomembrane are shown to be flexible materials. Both the extensibility and adaptability of geomembrane Relatively strong, it also has good corrosion resistance and low-temperature resistance, is currently the most widely used waterproof material in China. How should high quality HDPE geomembrane be implemented during construction?

1. The seam treatment of geomembrane is the key procedure of construction. Generally, we use the ideal hot welding method. The hot welding method melts the surface of the pe geomembrane and fuses it into one by pressure.

2. The geomembrane is best laid in a certain direction, and a certain amount of PE film and PET non-adhesive layer must be reserved on both sides of the geomembrane. In order to facilitate the welding of the geomembrane of the two units, the direction of the wholesale environmental geomembrane should be adjusted when laying.

3. After laying the geomembrane, use sandbags to prevent wind, and there should be no dirt, moisture, dust, etc. at the edge joints.

4. When welding, it is best to be welded by technicians with certain experiences. Welding is done with a special welding machine. To adjust the temperature and speed.

The Difference Between Geotextile and Geomembrane

Generally speaking, the thickness of the LDPE geomembrane for sale is not less than 0.25mm, because if it is too thin, it is easy to produce air holes, which will reduce the anti-seepage effect during construction. The laying of the geomembrane should not be too tight or wrinkled. Technical specification construction, so that construction can ensure the best effect of geomembrane.

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