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The important effect of using HDPE impermeable membrane in fish pond

HDPE geomembrane is environmentally friendly
Non-toxic, easy to clean, improve the accuracy of fertilization and feeding. It can prevent water from penetrating into the soil in the fish pond, effectively monitor the water level and save water for cost-saving. It can also prevent underground toxic substances from being filtered to fish ponds and reduce water pollution. Of course, fish will become healthy after drinking healthy water.

Stable water quality
It can better maintain the balance of water quality, reduce changes in the water environment, and reduce the cost and time of water quality control. The use of HDPE geomembrane can reduce the loss caused by the penetration of oxygen into the soil, promote the monitoring of oxygen content in the water, and reduce the cost of supplementing oxygen in the fish pond.

Reduce maintenance costs
HDPE geomembrane is used to inhibit the growth of algae in the water and is easy to clean. Because the geomembrane itself contains anti-ultraviolet additives, it is not afraid of the sun and easy to maintain. The use of geomembrane can provide a more convenient monitoring and safe environment. Because the maintenance cost and time are very low, fishing can be more convenient and faster.

Structural design characteristics of black film biogas tank

The system is more stable and stable than directly excavated ponds. The use of HDPE geomembrane can make the slope more stable. It helps to eliminate threatening natural conditions such as wind, rain, and wave fish ponds, maintain the stability of the system design, and prevent the loss of agricultural crops due to environmental damage to fish ponds. In addition, the use of HDPE geomembrane can make ponds have steep slopes and deeper depths, which is equivalent to increasing production in disguise. The stability of the system also reduces the cost of maintaining fish ponds and earthwork.

Increase production
Because when the HDPE geomembrane is used, there will be no weeds, sludge, and other things affecting the fishing speed at the bottom of the pond, so you can fish more effectively. Fishing time will be greatly reduced, vitality and fresh fish and shrimp will be greatly improved.

Disease risk
The adaptability of bacteria in fish ponds to the environment will be greatly reduced, thereby maintaining the healthy growth of fish and shrimps. Due to the isolation of water and soil, the chemicals in the soil will not spread to the pond, reducing the possibility of disease transmission. It can be said that the use of HDPE geomembrane reduces the cost of medicines for fish farming and the risk of large-scale fish and shrimp death due to disease.

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