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The Important Role of Anti-seepage Geomembrane In Artificial Lake

Artificial lakes are planned and purposefully excavated, including landscape lakes and artificial reservoirs. On the one hand, water conservancy projects that block water storage and regulate water flow can also be used for irrigation, power generation and Fish farming, water conservation, and other functions.

The leakage of the artificial lake has a certain impact on the environment. Leakage can cause a large amount of water loss. Then we can solve it by formulating corresponding technical means, such as the anti-seepage geomembrane we talked about today. The role of anti-seepage geomembrane is very important. According to different engineering requirements, different thickness of the anti-seepage film is used. Of course, the greater the thickness of the anti-seepage film, the more expensive the price, the longer the anti-seepage performance and the service life, and the choice is different. The geomembrane thickness of the specification needs to be determined by the technician according to the demand, and the selection of the high quality HDPE geomembrane plays an important role in the anti-seepage of the artificial lake.

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The superiority of the anti-seepage geomembrane can be seen

1. Strong anti-seepage coefficient, anti-seepage effect unmatched by ordinary waterproof materials, high permeability coefficient and strong water insulation.
2. Good aging resistance, geomembrane anti-UV, anti-decomposition ability, high-quality geomembrane can be used for 30-50 years.
3. Cost savings, compared to the general waterproof material, the cost of geomembrane is relatively low, the price is relatively cheap, for large projects, cost savings, and construction speed is fast stability.

The artificial lake anti-seepage geomembrane produced by HDPE geomembrane manufacturers has good anti-seepage performance, reduces waste caused by ineffective leakage of water resources, protects the ecological environment, forms a good ecological cycle, protects the water body from pollution, cleanliness and environmental protection.

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