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The layout of composite geotextile

Composite geotextile has the characteristics of good tensile strength, high impact strength, impermeability, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance, weather resistance, and wear resistance. Impervious geotextiles are widely used in the construction industry in coastal areas, as well as river dams, reservoirs, diversion tunnels, highways, railways, airports, underground and underwater projects. Geotextile has become an important material for the modernization of the national economy.

The layout of composite geotextile

Due to the anti-seepage characteristics of the composite geotextile, it can be laid on the surface of the subgrade bed to prevent the penetration of atmospheric precipitation, reduce the filling requirements of high-filled road sections, and effectively reduce the road construction cost in areas lacking filling.

The layout of the composite geotextile, namely the “two fabrics and one membrane” structure, is based on the load conditions during the construction of the low-fill and shallow excavation section of the highway and the operation of the vehicles in the later period, to specify the technical indicators of the composite geotextile to ensure the composite geotextile The cloth maintains good working performance and increases durability under the action of highway load during construction and later period. According to the depth of frozen soil, groundwater level, the height of roadbed filling, etc. Reasonably determine the location of the composite geotextile to give full play to its characteristics. Finally, the untreated foundation and the treated roadbed were tested for different depths of water content, the treatment effect of the composite geotextile was analyzed, and the application prospect of the composite geotextile was proposed.

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