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The main function of geotextile used for slope protection

Soil erosion is a major global production and environmental problem. The most serious soil erosion is the steep slope of bare soil. In highway construction, especially highway construction, a large number of exposed steep slopes are often formed, and the potential risk of soil erosion is huge. Traditional slope protection measures, such as mortar or dry stone, cast-in-place concrete and reinforced soil retaining walls, and skeletons slope protection methods, such as diamond grid skeleton, arch skeleton, and square skeleton, are widely used in road slope protection.

The main function of geotextile used for slope protection

However, for areas with large soil natural angles of repose and high slope stability, the actual effect of such engineering measures is far lower than its own value. Therefore, various new ecological slope protection methods have developed rapidly, including hydraulic jets and geogrids. Grass planting, three-dimensional vegetation net technology, and wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile, etc. Geotextile slope protection technology has the advantages of low resource consumption, short construction period, low economic cost, and can effectively promote vegetation restoration. Geotextile is produced by using an agricultural waste straw, which can promote the effective use of resources, reduce the pollution caused by straw burning, protect the ecological environment, and stand out among many slope protection measures.

Geotextile is a kind of geotextile made of natural plant fibers fixed by chemical nets. Commonly used plant fibers include straw, coconut, palm fiber, and so on. The commonly used chemical mesh is polypropylene mesh. The main functions of filament nonwoven geotextile factory price for slope protection can be summarized in three aspects: soil and water conservation, vegetation restoration, and soil improvement.

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