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The Necessity of Choosing Regular Geomembrane Manufacturers to Purchase

With the wide application of geomembrane, the hot-melt welding technology of geomembrane has been greatly developed, and dual-track automatic welding has been widely used, but due to the construction environment, overheating and low heat welding may occur, the former will lead to welding The physical and mechanical indicators are weaker than the high quality HDPE geomembrane base material, which will lead to poor welding and water leakage. More seriously, the entire anti-seepage is composed of a large number of cracks. It is difficult for double-channel automatic welding to meet many divisions. The quality requirements of the “+” and “T” nodes. For this kind of defects, when using a hand-held hot air fan to repair, it is easy to make the weld hot melt adhesive too low or too high, which becomes the weak link of the anti-seepage system, and the effect is difficult to evaluate, so Procurement of geomembrane should be purchased by regular geomembrane manufacturers, only in this way can we send welding masters with excellent quality.

The Necessity of Choosing Regular Geomembrane Manufacturers to Purchase

Rough rough surface geomembrane is a new type of anti-seepage material, which can be divided into single rough surfaces and a double rough surface. HDPE rough surface geomembrane increases the friction coefficient and anti-skid function and is more suitable for steep slopes and vertical anti-seepage to improve engineering stability. The rough high quality LDPE geomembrane is very suitable for the reinforcement of various dams due to the coarser particles. The film does not have the advantage of rough surfaces.

HDPE rough surface geomembrane has excellent temperature adaptability, weldability and weather resistance, and has good resistance to aging, chemical corrosion, environmental stress cracking and puncture resistance. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for underground engineering and mining Engineering, landfills, sewage or waste disposal sites, anti-leakage materials, rough surface geomembrane can be divided into the single rough surface, double rough surface, anti-skid column points, thickness: 0.5mm-2.0mm; width: 1-8m, Roll length: According to customer requirements.

At present, the price of rough surface geomembrane is relatively stable. The thickness and specifications of geomembrane produced by LDPE geomembrane manufacturers directly affect the price of geomembrane. Please consult the website manager for the specific price.

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