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The Principle of Geomembrane to Be Green

First, the geomembrane enables the biogas to convect each other in the bag and bag soil. This tide is the long-term loss of moisture required by vegetation, and it will never cause fruit or soil loss due to rain or watering. Secondly, geomembrane requires a realistic seeding block for green plants.

Impervious to water, the grass can grow from the outside and can grow in the name. It is very good for vegetation. The root system of vegetation can grow freely between bags. The root system firmly combines each low price aquaculture geomembrane. Geomembrane building Into a stable and permanent ecological slope.

In any construction, due to the difference in the environment, some problems often arise. After attending that problem, the geomembrane construction staff must pay attention to handling methods. Improper handling will seriously affect the service life of the geomembrane.

First of all, when the base is not reliable, after the completion of the construction, it will often be caused by the collapse of the base or the ground is different, and it will be subject to the upper pressure for a long time, which will cause the damage of the high quality HDPE geomembrane. Processing work.

Secondly, due to the poor pasting effect of the geomembrane, the phenomenon of hollowing will occur in a large area. This is also the most common, especially for the construction of the factory, which is often on the wall. The construction needs to be pasted, which causes the trouble caused by improper operation of the geomembrane. Different anti-seepage projects have different requirements for geomembrane. In general, the thicker the geomembrane, the stronger the anti-seepage effect. How to improve the anti-seepage effect of geomembrane materials:

1. The use of geomembrane materials must meet the design requirements of the project.

2. Welding work of geomembrane overlap should be performed in accordance with anti-seepage construction specifications. Improving the inherent quality indicators of HDPE geomembrane factory price materials, and making it environmentally friendly and perfect on-site construction welding technology, can meet the requirements of anti-seepage.

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