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The Role and Characteristics of Geomembrane and Application

In daily life, a large number of membranes can be seen, geosynthetic membrane materials with geomembrane as the impermeable substrate and nonwoven composite materials with nonwoven fabric and geomembrane as the substrate. The impermeability of the new material geomembrane mainly depends on the impermeability of the plastic high quality textured geomembrane. At present, domestic and foreign anti-seepage membranes mainly include polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene. So what role does the geomembrane have? This is what we should be concerned about. Let me introduce it to you below.

The role and characteristics of geomembrane

1. high quality LDPE geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material with high permeability coefficient (110-17cm/s);

2. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and it’s working environment temperature is 110°c and -70°c respectively;

3. It has good chemical stability, can resist the corrosion of strong acid and alkali, oil is a good anticorrosive material;

4. With high tensile strength, it has a high tensile strength to meet the requirements of high standard engineering projects;

5. It has strong weather resistance and strong anti-aging properties, and can maintain its original performance after long-term exposure;

6. Overall performance, with strong tensile strength and elongation at break, can be used in various harsh geological and climatic conditions, adapt to the uneven settlement of geology

The Role and Characteristics of Geomembrane and Application

The use of geomembrane

1. Leakage prevention in landfills, sewage or waste disposal sites,

2. Riverbanks, lake dams, tailings dams, wastewater dams, reservoir areas, channels, liquid storage ponds (pits, mines).

3. Subway, basement and tunnel, tunnel anti-seepage lining.

4. Subgrade and other subgrade anti-seepage salt layers.

5. The embankment, horizontal anti-seepage cover in front of the dam, vertical foundation anti-seepage layer, construction cofferdam, garbage dump.

6. Seawater and freshwater farms.

7. Roadbeds of highways, highways, and railways;

8. The waterproof layer of expansive soil and collapsible loess.

9. Anti-seepage of the roof.

The above describes the role of high quality environmental geomembrane in detail. I believe that you will know the role of geomembrane after reading it. Geomembrane has many uses in life, so it is more important to understand the role of geomembrane. Geomembrane is suitable for environmental protection and sanitation, such as landfills. Field, sewage treatment plant, power plant storage tank, industrial, hospital solid waste, such as anti-seepage wholesale HDPE geomembrane used in water conservancy projects, channel anti-seepage, etc., its role is great, so if you want to make better use of geomembrane You must understand the geomembrane in order to make better use of it.

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