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The Role of Anti-seepage Geomembrane in The Dam

The impermeable membrane plays an important role in the anti-seepage treatment of embankments and vertical dams. Since the end of the last century, it has been widely used, especially in the anti-seepage treatment of granular formations, this technology can effectively deal with Dangerous leakage can also play a role on the basis of basic anti-seepage treatment.

It can be seen from many practices that the obvious advantage of the concrete cut-off wall technology is that it can effectively control the proportion and depth of the material, which is safe and practical, but the cost is relatively high. In the choice of materials, the choice of the cut-off technology is relatively wide, but no matter Whichever material is used, a certain proportion of waterproofing agent should be incorporated to better improve the waterproofness of the project. The technology of impermeable membrane is relatively simple and easy to operate. It mainly uses basic materials such as impermeable membrane and wholesale aquaculture geomembrane. It is laid in the position of the dam to be treated, and it is waterproof to the dam. If it is used in combination with other anti-seepage measures, the anti-seepage effect will be more significant, and the material of the anti-seepage membrane is relatively malleable, not easy to break, and the permeability is very high Small, so it is used in many emergency projects.

The Role of Anti-seepage Geomembrane in The Dam

The composite geomembrane is laid from the left bank to the right bank, each section is laid horizontally (splicing adjacent membranes), the bottom of the groove is covered once, and the groove width extends 2m upstream and downstream for the horizontal horizontal pavement and the laying of the slope geotechnical membrane respectively After splicing, after paving, the upper part is fixed with a cement bag or pebble-type rope filled with soil, and a margin is left every 1.5m to prevent the low price aquaculture geomembrane from being cracked during construction disturbance. The longitudinal direction is made of wood, steel rods or The equipment at fixed intervals is made of compacted soil cement bags to prevent its sliding displacement and wind damage. The leaks found are welded with a manual heat torch.

Taking into account factors such as material performance, construction process characteristics, application experience and economy, the coefficient of friction between the geomembrane and the earth-rock medium will affect the stability of the impermeable body. Therefore, it is necessary to review the high quality HDPE geomembrane to protect the anti-sliding stability. The geomembrane uses bagged Gobi material (river bed sandstone material) as the protective layer. During the actual construction process, it is manually placed from bottom to top to ensure that the anti-skid stability meets the requirements.

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