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The Use Characteristics of Composite Geomembrane

Application characteristics of composite geomembrane
The composite geomembrane itself has color anti-seepage characteristics, resistance to green plant rhizomes, aging resistance, oxidation resistance, temperature resistance, and cold embrittlement resistance. Several types of characteristics can be considered for the raw materials of the artificial lake waterproof layer; regardless of the covering application or the application of long-term exposure under extreme heat, the actual effect of the waterproof layer continues to be very good.

The composite geomembrane has simple engineering construction, easy construction quality inspection, and low project budget. Moreover, the wholesale aquaculture geomembrane product itself is selected by a variety of thin and thick waterproof layers in the manufacturing industry. The common geomembrane thickness of the artificial lake waterproof layer is 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, and the large format is generally 6 meters. , Can also be customized according to customer regulations, the length is 50-100 meters.

The low price aquaculture geomembrane can prevent the precipitation from entering the sand, prevent the loose soil from harming the compressive strength and stability of the sand under the effect of precipitation, and avoid the decrease in the reliability of the slope protection due to the reduction of the main parameters of the load surface structure mechanics or the weight increase The overall load appears.

The porosity working pressure and buoyancy force on the surface of the composite geomembrane and sand are easy to subside. Moreover, it has a certain thermal insulation effect, which reduces the damage of the sand expansive soil to the anti-seepage geomembrane and composite geomembrane, thereby reducing the sand deformation. The high quality HDPE geomembrane adopts buried pavement, which has colored anti-aging characteristics, which reduces the maintenance and maintenance of engineering projects.

The Use Characteristics of Composite Geomembrane

Matters needing attention when laying composite geomembrane
There are many matters that need to be paid attention to in the whole process of engineering construction of composite geomembrane. For example, the natural environment of engineering construction is a very strict temper. It is necessary to consider factors such as temperature and location. Difficulties in the pavement of automatic cutting machines.

The HDPE geomembrane factory price can be applied by knife laser cutting, electric laser cutting, etc., and other raw materials should adopt unique safeguards to avoid laser cutting the composite geomembrane and causing unnecessary damage.

In addition to the laying of composite geomembrane, all corresponding measures must be taken to avoid destroying the underlying raw material. Paving the composite geomembrane must be careful not to let the stones, a lot of dust or moisture in the body will destroy the composite geomembrane, will block the drainage pipe or filtering device, or will cause difficulties to the next connection. Or composite geomembrane.

At the time when the wholesale HDPE geomembrane was constructed in the outdoor project, many workers should keep in mind the full construction regulations. It is very necessary to install the composite geomembrane. In the whole process of the whole project construction, the workers must still have a good grasp of the temperature of installing the composite geomembrane and pay attention to some key points to ensure the safety and efficiency of the entire installation process.

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