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Three-dimensional drainage geotextile is composed of three layers of reinforcement

The new composite three-dimensional drainage geotextile is a composite geosynthetic material made of high-density polyethylene through a special extrusion process. The three-dimensional drainage geotextile is composed of three layers of reinforcement. A layer of high rigidity ribs is vertically arranged, and the upper and lower layers of ribs are arranged crosswise. The three layers of ribs form a three-dimensional network core and form a longitudinally arranged drainage channel. The high quality filament nonwoven geotextile is pasted on both sides of the geotextile core to form a composite drainage geotextile.

The tensile strength and compressive strength of the drainage net are very high. The ribs of the composite three-dimensional drainage geotextile are arranged in a staggered manner to avoid blockage caused by buried soil in the drainage channel and reduce the drainage capacity. The composite three-dimensional drainage filament nonwoven geotextile for sale combines the characteristics of geotextile (filtration) and geotextile (drainage and protection), providing a complete function of “filtration-drainage-protection”.

The drainage capacity of the composite three-dimensional drainage geotextile is equivalent to that of an open-graded gravel drainage layer. The geotextiles distributed on both sides of the high-density polyethylene mesh core will not touch each other so that the geotextile can maintain smooth drainage conditions. The special three-dimensional structure of the mesh core makes it highly resistant to pressure and drainage. The drainage channel formed by the three ribs of the mesh core can maintain very high drainage performance even under long-term high-pressure loads, and the wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile will not be embedded in the mesh core, thereby providing holes required to prevent capillary action.

Because the core of the three-dimensional drainage geotextile has a three-dimensional structure, it has a high compressive modulus and cannot be compressed under heavy loads, but it still has a high drainage performance. Compared with the “S”-shaped drainage path of ordinary drainage polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price, the drainage path of 3D drainage geotextiles is a straight channel, which reduces the drainage path, thereby reducing drainage time and improving drainage efficiency.

three dimensional drainage geotextile

Laying a three-dimensional drainage net geotextile on the foundation instead of the gravel layer as a horizontal drainage channel can also block the rise of underground capillary water.

(1) Soil conservation standards. In other words, the protected soil particles will not be lost from the pores of the non-woven non-permeable membrane fabric.

(2) Penetration standards. That is, the water permeability of the non-woven polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale should be greater than the water permeability of the protected soil material to ensure smooth seepage, and its permeability coefficient is greater than 25 times that of the protected soil material.

(3) Anti-clogging standards. In other words, particles smaller than a certain particle size of the protected soil material must not be left in the impermeable cloth, causing the blockage, and the porosity must be greater than 30% ~ 40%.

In bank protection and slope protection engineering, unlike non-woven anti-seepage fabrics, non-woven wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile is mainly used as drainage bodies for soft foundation settlement and slope protection filter materials. When making the row body, first calculate the bearing capacity of the ice according to the construction time and sinking load, determine the depth of the shaved ice, dig the ice trough, lay the nylon rope net prepared according to the design requirements on the treated ice surface, and then lay the net on the net. Woven geotextile.

In order to give full play to the overall strength advantages of non-woven wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile and non-woven impermeable membrane fabrics, they must be able to withstand the loads during construction and use. At the same time, its elongation and tear strength should meet national standards.

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