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What Should I Do if The Impermeable Membrane is Damaged?

In the construction of the anti-seepage membrane, we must pay attention to various situations, because once the error occurs, the impact will be greater. Therefore, special attention must be paid during the construction process. The laying should not be too tight, wrinkle and splicing should be firm. In addition to these, we must pay attention to these matters during the early rise of the impervious LDPE geomembrane factory price.

1. In order to prevent early hydration due to rain, 3-5cm thick cement mortar should be laid after the construction of the cushion layer to prevent the early hydration of the waterproof layer in contact with water. In general, the total compacted volume of liming soil is not less than 10cm.

2. The overlap of the impermeable membrane is not less than 15cm main body part and 25cm side and can be fixed with nails and washers at 30cm intervals.

3. After the construction of the bentonite waterproof blanket, the construction personnel must pay attention to prevent the damage of the bentonite cushion. Before proceeding to the next process, check whether the bentonite waterproof layer is lost. If there is any loss or damage, use sealant or repair it.

4. If there is moisture on the ground, drainage measures should be taken after laying to prevent early hydration of the product.

treatment method for breakage of impermeable membrane

The laying of the impermeable membrane must be constructed in strict accordance with the technical specifications, and five quality checkpoints including preparation, laying, splicing, inspection and backfilling should be prepared. In this way, the laying of the impermeable membrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers can be better achieved, and the quality of the project is also very guaranteed. These are the things we need to pay attention to when laying.

The anti-seepage membrane is made of polyethylene plastic as raw material for production and processing. The anti-seepage membrane’s anti-seepage performance is very good, so in general, the leakage of the anti-seepage membrane is basically zero. Under the action of some external forces, it can also cause damage to the anti-seepage membrane and water seepage.

1. If large-scale impermeable membranes are damaged, the damaged impervious membranes should be dismantled, newly upgraded impermeable membranes should be paved, and automatic welding machines should be used to carry out electric welding and welding to ensure the quality of electric welding and avoid the impervious membranes again. Water seepage has occurred.

2. If the total area of ​​the impermeable membrane is damaged, the total area of ​​the impermeable membrane must be accurately measured, and then the commodities that are about 10% of the total area should be cut on the newly upgraded impermeable membrane into a roll, covering the hazard prevention At the precautions for laying geomembrane in landfill penetration point, automatic welding machines and hot air guns should be used for welding and welding.

Anti-seepage membranes can be seen in various large-scale projects such as landfills and river treatment and reservoir anti-seepage projects. The lotus ponds and fish ponds used in small projects and fish pond shrimp ponds are also very good effects. Therefore, when purchasing impermeable membranes, we must also choose products that meet quality standards.

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