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Tunnel Waterproof Board Fixed Welding

Tunnel waterproof board fixed welding is also called electromagnetic welding or hot-melt gasket electromagnetic welding. It is a new generation of waterproof board and fixed hot-melt gasket hot-melt welding technology developed on the basis of tunnel dimple drainage board for sale ultrasonic welding machine.

The microwave electromagnetic welding of the waterproof board is to heat the metal by microwave induction, and heat the metal to make the waterproof board and the hot melt gasket hot melt, the temperature reaches the melting point gasket of the waterproof board produced by dimple drainage board manufacturers and the hot melt adhesive, and the contact surface of the waterproof board and the hot melt gasket will be rapid Melt and completely fuse, and cool and shape under a certain pressure to complete microwave welding.

Waterproof board electromagnetic welding machine voltage 220V, welding gear setting can be adjusted to 8 levels, microwave welding requires the use of improved new special gaskets, compared with conventional gaskets, the new gasket surface adds a layer of steel mesh, its process is simple, Microwave welding has fast heating speed and uniform heating. The welding temperature, time and welding depth can be adjusted according to the site conditions to ensure the welding quality. The microwave welding process not only saves the preheating waiting time required for hot melt welding, but also The welding time is 3-4 seconds, which has high production efficiency and convenient operation.

Tunnel Waterproof Board Fixed Welding

Environmental protection regulations are as follows: anti-seepage is the main indicator of sanitary landfill disposal technology, which can prevent the leachate and landfill gas generated by the landfill from entering the water body of the landfill, and soil pollution, reducing the leachate And the creation of space for the future orderly and controllable collection and utilization of landfill gas. The key to the anti-seepage technology is the structure of the anti-seepage layer, and its structural form directly determines the anti-seepage effect and project construction investment.

At present, the effects of impermeable layers at home and abroad mainly include high-density polyethylene geomembrane, bentonite waterproof blanket (GCL), nonwoven geotextile, composite drainage net and other materials. Among them, HDPE film is a kind of good physical and chemical properties, For example, the polymer composite material with good tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance and high aging resistance has a service life of more than 50 years. It has become the main material for household sanitary landfill and is correctly formulated according to environmental requirements. HDPE film and other geosynthetic materials, and the most reasonable design has become the most correct approach on the market.

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