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Two Factors Affecting the Price of Geomembrane

The application range of low cost textured geomembrane in real life is very wide. No matter what kind of manufacturer the geomembrane is essentially the same, it is still different. Different product characteristics also make the price of geomembrane different. So what are the factors that affect the price of geomembrane?

1. Raw materials
In the actual production process of high quality textured geomembrane, the selection of some raw materials will be different. The quality of the raw materials will directly affect the price of the finished product. That is to say, if the raw material you choose is also a relatively expensive price, then naturally The finished price of the geomembrane produced by them will also be very expensive.

2. Production and processing costs
In the actual selection of textured geomembrane for sale products, we must consider the production and processing costs. Even if the raw materials are stable for a period of time, the production and processing costs will also be affected during the actual production and production process. Products have an impact, and the costs and prices of labor and hydropower will also change slightly. When we actually understand, we have to see if they can save energy and reduce losses.

Two Factors Affecting the Price of Geomembrane

For the selection of geomembrane with different raw materials and production and processing technologies, we still recommend that you choose the most suitable product for you, but you can’t blindly pursue low prices. Low-cost environmental geomembrane manufacturers‘ products still lack a certain quality.

For the composite geomembrane in order to ensure the good performance of the anti-seepage effect during the construction process, the integrity of the plastic film should be effectively guaranteed. After the construction, the destruction of animals and plants by humans and animals should be prevented and the effect of light and heat should be reduced, because they are high The molecular chemical fiber polymer should especially avoid direct sunlight, so a protective layer should be added for the construction of composite geomembrane.

The diameter of the particles in the thickness of the protective layer must not be very large or it will pierce the composite aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers. Generally, the diameter of the particles in the thickness of the protective layer should be similarly estimated as follows.

The maximum particle diameter of the protective layer soil material in the formula;

The safety factor of this project is k=5;

The allowable tensile strength of composite geomembrane [σ]=5.5Mpa;

Take P=0.1Mpa for the maximum head;

The thickness of the composite HDPE geomembrane factory price is taken to be 0.2mm (the thickness of the plastic film).

Two Factors Affecting the Price of Geomembrane

In order to ensure the performance of the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers, the maximum particle diameter d of the soil material is actually required to be no more than 6mm, so the screened silty clay is required during construction. The other requirements are the same as those of the dam body soil filling, and the protective layer is generally Take 200 mm, make soil with a sieve at the bottom 100 mm, and use unscreened soil for the top 100 mm.

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