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Types And Uses of HDPE Geomembranes

What kind of HDPE geomembrane is divided into, what is the use?

There are many kinds of low price China HDPE liner. If you put them together, many people can’t distinguish them. The next one will explain their differences and similarities.

The same point: both are anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, and isolation.

Glossy geomembrane: different standards, different thicknesses, different production processes, so the price is different.

Rough geomembrane:

1. The layer non-slip matching geotextile adopts single rough geomembrane produced by China HDPE liner manufacturers, single column geomembrane, geotextile as the protective layer of geomembrane so that the protection anti-seepage layer is not damaged. In order to reduce the ultraviolet radiation and increase the anti-aging function, it is best to use the embedding method.

2. The upper and lower layers are non-slip using double-grain geomembrane and double-column geomembrane. Generally, the bottom layer anti-seepage of the large-scale landfill and the bottom layer anti-seepage of metal waste slag tailings are applied.

Composite geomembrane: short silk, one cloth, one film, two silk cloth, one filament, one cloth, two filaments, one film, the anti-sun ability of filament geotextile is generally better than the short-fiber geotextile. Therefore, the filament composite membrane is also better than the short-filament geomembrane and China HDPE liner factory price, but the price is expensive. If it is not a special requirement, it can be selected to use a short-filament composite membrane.

ASTM Standard HDPE Geomembrane Liner HDPE For Landfill Dam Lagoon Oil Tank Fish Pond Liner


The 0.3mm-0.8mm smooth HDPE geomembrane is used in fish ponds, Dianchi Lake, small reservoirs, and various aquatic breeding ponds.

1.0mm-2.0mm smooth HDPE geomembrane is used in biogas digesters, large reservoirs, cement plants, sludge plants, artificial landscape lakes, etc.

1.0mm-2.0mm rough geomembrane with GCL bentonite pad and filament cloth are used in landfills, tailings ponds, waste slag plants, etc.

300g-2000g composite geomembrane is applied to Dianchi Lake, river treatment, artificial landscape engineering, large water storage tanks, etc.

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