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Underground Garage Roof Drainage Material

PVC drainage board is a new drainage material developed by Zhoushan Xinsu in recent years. It is extruded using high density polyvinyl chloride. Due to its high density and strong auxiliary root insulation, the thickness of the film can be adjusted according to requirements. Separating effect. The PVC dimple drainage board factory price adopts the structure of supporting column and middle top column according to the mechanical principle. The wall thickness of the product boss is uniform, and it is accompanied by the reinforcing rib structure. It can resist long-term high pressure without deformation. Do not sink, ensure sufficient drainage space. In terms of drainage function and economic benefits, PVC drainage board is superior to traditional stone, ceramsite drainage and other filter layers. The drainage board produced by China dimple drainage board suppliers effectively solves the disadvantages that traditional methods of landscaping (such as using pebbles, shells, ceramsite, etc. as water filtering materials) cannot prevent the root system of the plant from damaging the surface, cannot keep heat and heat, and have a large load. Large-scale use can achieve water saving, power saving, sound insulation and other effects, which can effectively slow down the city’s “thermal effect”.

Features of PVC drainage board:
1. Environmental protection: The use of PVC environmental protection materials will not cause pollution to the ecological environment.

2. Drainage: The space between the bosses is large, and the drainage capacity is far better than the traditional pebbles and ceramsite.

3. Compression resistance: special technology, the top of the boss is thickened, which makes the compression resistance stronger.

4. Space: The thickness of the product is very thin, which greatly saves building space.

5. Anti-corrosion: Acids, alkalis and salts in natural environment and general industrial environment cannot react with PVC material products to achieve anti-corrosion effect.

6. Durable: the use of stable performance of PVC production, product performance and lasting stability, service life of more than 50 years.

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