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Welding Laying of Geomembrane

HDPE impermeable membrane is also called high-density polyethylene membrane and HDPE impervious geomembrane. It has the following advantages: high waterproof index, good reliability, strong anti-aging characteristics, resistance to green plant rhizome puncture, high impact toughness, low cost, and high efficiency, due to various advantages, it is widely used in engineering waterproof layer, underground garage waterproof layer, artificial lake waterproof layer, garbage treatment factory waterproof layer, solid waste landfill waterproof layer and other industries.

Because the characteristic of the waterproof layer is a key index value for considering whether the waste sanitation waste disposal site is environmentally friendly, if construction is not strictly carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations, it is very easy to cause water seepage and local cracking of the joints, thereby severely destroying the ecological environment.

Welding Laying of Geomembrane

HDPE impermeable membrane paving construction process: the previous process, that is, the base layer has passed the acceptance test of the inspection project → product inspection is qualified → paving, cutting → centering, alignment → filming → scrubbing dust → welding experiment → welding → inspection → Repair → Review → Project acceptance.

The laying of the geomembrane is carried out by section construction and flow operation. The slope geomembrane is placed from the top to the bottom, and the horizontal cover is placed from the foot of the slope to the front of the cover. Pay attention to the appropriate relaxation of the geomembrane when laying to avoid Stress concentration and man-made injuries require the contact surface of the geomembrane to be consistent with the foundation and mat to prevent the geomembrane from wrinkling and forming a seepage channel. The horizontally laid one cloth and one membrane, the geomembrane is facing downward, the cloth is facing upward, and the geomembrane is laying After that, the protective layer should be backfilled. The connection of the geomembrane is by film welding. Before welding, the dirt on the surface of the film must be removed to ensure that the surface of the film is clean. The film and the film can be flat welded before welding. The operator should observe the quality of the welded double seam at any time, and adjust the welding temperature and walking speed at any time according to changes in the ambient temperature. During the formal welding process, the weld should be carefully checked, mainly to check whether the two welds are clear, Check for bubbles, leaky welds, and weld seams.

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