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What Are the Characteristics of Geomembrane?

With the rapid development of science and technology and industry, geomembrane has been widely used in many fields. Especially in aquaculture, the use of geomembrane is more extensive, so many companies or individuals will buy a lot of geomembrane, but when buying, we learn to differ the quality of geomembrane. What are the characteristics of geomembrane? Do you know?

The first thing to say is the chemical and physical properties of the HDPE geomembrane factory price. Regarding high-quality products, the geomembrane can reach more than 7 times its own length when stretched, and will not crack when the length reaches 7 times its own length. In addition, its chemical properties are outstanding and the soil quality is high. The working film can resist not only strong acids and bases, but also ultraviolet rays, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Characteristics of Geomembrane

In addition to chemical and physical properties, the appearance of high-quality geomembrane is also outstanding, the overall appearance looks more comfortable, the appearance of the geomembrane is black and bright, and very lubricating, but unfortunately, the appearance of the wholesale HDPE geomembrane is not very lubricating and can be seen The highlights and colors are different.

It is black and bright, but rough and dark, so the difference between high-quality geomembrane and inferior geomembrane can be seen at a glance and is very noticeable. Geomembrane has the characteristics mentioned in the article, in addition, its service life is also very outstanding, and its flexibility is also very strong, when buying smears, according to the characteristics of the product difference in product quality, to prevent the fraudulent purchase of fake products.

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