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What are the effects of different pH values ​​on the properties of non-woven geotextiles

1. Prepare solutions with pH 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 to satisfy the impregnation of non-woven geotextiles and number them respectively;
2. Take the polyester filament geotextile of the same specification (200 g/m2, 20 cm × 8 cm), and immerse two pieces of non-woven geotextile into each pH solution prepared in ① (take the average of the results), Seal the beaker with plastic wrap;
3. Put the beaker in a 60℃ constant temperature water bath, shake or stir the beaker once a day to make it fully uniform; after 0.7d, take out the sample, rinse it with water, and dry it naturally at room temperature to measure the tensile properties of each sample.

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Prepare solutions with different pH values ​​to simulate the different acid-base environments of non-woven geotextiles in nature, so as to explore the performance changes of non-woven geotextiles under different acid-base conditions, and then provide non-woven geotextiles for garbage filling in different acid-base environments. Provide guidance on the selection, application, and testing of landfills, hazardous waste landfills, and mine tailings ponds. In this experiment, the same batch of polyester filament nonwoven geotextile (200 g/㎡, 20 cm × 8 cm) was immersed in different pH solutions for 7 days, and the pH-breaking strength was drawn according to the measured breaking strength and breaking elongation. -Elongation at break curve.

After being immersed for 7 days under different pH, the breaking strength and breaking elongation in the range of pH=2~10 decreased compared with the original value, but both remained at a higher level. For example, the original values ​​of breaking strength and breaking elongation are 9.76 kN/m and 78.2%, respectively, and the lowest values ​​of breaking strength and breaking elongation are 8.09 kN/m and 68.50%, respectively, which are lower than the original data. That’s 17.1%. The results show that in the range of pH=2~10, the short-term acid-base environment has little effect on the tensile properties of polyester nonwoven geotextiles. In addition, when pH=2, polyester nonwoven geotextile maintains greater breaking strength and elongation at break, while when pH=12, polyester nonwoven geotextile basically dissolves and completely loses its tensile properties. The results show that polyester non-woven geotextile has good acid resistance and certain alkali resistance, but poor alkali resistance.

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