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What Are The Requirements For Geomembrane In The Process of Seepage Prevention?

The geomembrane manufacturer’s side reversing, side paving, side selling, and side protection reincarnation. Relying on the 10cm thick protective layer of geomembrane, the soil must be screened. If it does not have particles larger than 6mm, it will be easy to puncture. wholesale HDPE Liner made in China. The protective layer of soil must be punched and compacted, and the dry weight is guaranteed to be above 1.5, and it can be sampled and inspected at any time. When backfilling the protective layer and masonry stone face, it must be lightly placed to avoid breaking the geomembrane.

Under the stone face, a 100mm thick gravel or gravel cushion should be laid to prevent the soil protection layer from being affected by changes in water level, wind waves, and other elements. The dry block stone is paved with artificial hanging lines. The block should be tightly embedded. The personal weight of the surface block should be greater than 48kg. All the gaps should be filled with small stones. The base must be treated according to the design conditions. This is the link to ensure the effectiveness of seepage prevention, especially for sharp stones. The roots and other debris should be removed from the top to eliminate the cleanliness. The base surface is not expected to have a one-sided high and low sign. The composite geomembrane treated surface should be tightly clamped with a tamper or a seesaw to make it dense and flat.

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Geomembrane is made of plastic film as the anti-seepage substrate, and geotextile composite material made of non-woven fabric. The anti-seepage function of new material high quality aquaculture geomembrane depends mainly on the anti-seepage function of plastic film. The plastic film used is mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer), and the design uses ECB (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt blend geomembrane). They are a kind of polymer chemical flexible material, which has small specific gravity, strong elongation, high deformation resistance, high corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, and good antifreeze function. Geomembrane is mainly used in waste burial plant and wastewater treatment plant. Waterproof engineering. Geomembrane is mainly used for tunnel composite lining and improper exposed roof. Geomembrane is mainly used for subway engineering, tunnels, air-raid shelters, retaining dams, artificial lakes, industrial waterproofing, and other projects.

In recent years, with the advancement of industrialization and stricter environmental protection policies, geomembranes have become more and more used in engineering. Many customers are not sure what engineering should use geomembrane as anti-seepage treatment, sometimes it costs more. It has been changed for a few years, and the cost is getting higher and higher.

Taidong geomembrane geotextile manufacturer specializes in the production of environmental geomembrane manufacturers geotextiles and other eco-friendly materials. The user can be used in: anti-seepage of sewage treatment tank, anti-seepage of landfill, anti-seepage of artificial lake reservoir, anti-seepage of aquaculture, oilfield tank foundation seepage prevention, construction engineering seepage prevention, water conservancy project anti-seepage, agricultural breeding greenhouse anti-seepage.

In addition, the warm reminder: choose geomembrane manufacturers, must look for the corporate brand, product quality, in order to prevent some enterprises short of two short, do not only focus on the price of geomembrane, must look at the quality of the actual arrival.

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