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What Field is HDPE Geomembrane Suitable For?

Many friends in the field of HDPE geomembrane have doubts about this and think that all geomembrane applications are the same! Today we are going to tell you about what fields HDPE welding laying of geomembrane is generally used in!

1. Environmental protection and sanitation (such as anti-seepage for domestic waste landfills, anti-seepage for sewage treatment tanks, anti-seepage for power plant adjustment pools, anti-seepage for industrial and hospital solid waste landfills)

2. Water conservancy (such as anti-seepage, plugging and reinforcement of dams of rivers, lakes and reservoirs, anti-seepage of water channels, vertical core walls, slope protection, and waterproofing)

3. Municipal engineering (underground projects of subways, buildings, anti-seepage of planting roofs, roof gardens, anti-seepage and anti-corrosion of sewage pipes)

What Field is HDPE Geomembrane Suitable For?

4. Garden (artificial lake anti-seepage, river water-proof, water reservoir anti-seepage, golf course pond bottom lining waterproof treatment, garden landscape pool lawn waterproof and moisture-proof anti-seepage)

5. Petrochemical (chemical tank anti-seepage and anti-corrosion, oil tank basic anti-seepage, chemical reaction tank anti-seepage, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining)

6. Mining (anti-seepage of washing pond, anti-seepage of heap leaching pond, anti-seepage of ash yard, anti-seepage of dissolution pond, anti-seepage of sedimentation pond, anti-seepage of slag and waste residue, anti-seepage of tailings)

The above is the field of application of the HDPE root puncture resistance of geomembrane that we brought to you. Hope to help you, friends.

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