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What is The Difference Between Geotextile and Polypropylene Cloth

Geotextile and polypropylene cloth are common materials in our daily building materials, but many people are not sure whether they are the same material, so today by comparing the different effects of filament nonwoven geotextile factory price and polypropylene cloth, See what is the difference between them?

The role of polypropylene cloth:
1. Polypropylene fabric has good air permeability and water permeability, allowing water flow to pass through to retain sand loss and prevent soil damage.
2. Prevent the mixing of sand and gravel, soil, and concrete between the upper and lower layers.
3. High water permeability, it can still maintain good water permeability under the pressure of soil and water.
4. Using polypropylene or polyester fiber as raw material, it is acid and alkali resistant, non-corrosive, and not moth-eaten.

The role of geotextile:
1. High strength, due to the use of plastic fibers, maintains sufficient strength and elongation in dry and wet conditions.
2. Corrosion resistance, long-term corrosion resistance in soil and water with different pH.
3. Good water permeability. There are gaps between fibers and good water permeability.
4. Good anti-microbial property No damage to microorganisms and insects.

The Difference Between Geotextile and Polypropylene Cloth

Comparing the different functions of high quality filament nonwoven geotextile and polypropylene cloth, we can see that they all have good water permeability and corrosion resistance characteristics. Compared with the difference between the two, there is actually not much difference, just geotextile Its tensile strength is stronger than polypropylene cloth.

Non-woven geotextile is a geosynthetic material with water permeability made by synthetic fibers through needle punching or weaving. Because the geotextile has good properties such as isolation and drainage, it is widely used in various construction projects such as railways, highways, sports venues, dams, hydraulic structures, and tunnels. Today, I will take you to take a closer look at the good characteristics of the filament nonwoven geotextile for sale, which is worth buying.

Geotextile characteristics
1. No chemical additives, no special heat treatment, is an environmentally friendly building material;
2. It has good mechanical properties, very good water permeability, and can resist corrosion and aging, and has strong drainage performance; strong puncture resistance and good protection performance;
3. It has a good friction coefficient and tensile strength, and has the performance of geo-reinforcement; it can be fully applied to the uneven base, which can perfectly resist the destruction of external forces during construction;
4. Utilize the good air permeability and water permeability of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price to effectively retain sand loss through the outflow of water;
5. Strengthen the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil, and enhance the stability of the building structure;
6. Lightweight, because it is easy to use, so the construction is relatively simple, which can effectively shorten the project period and extend the project life cycle.

The Difference Between Geotextile and Polypropylene Cloth

In our daily life, we can divide nonwoven geotextile into filament nonwoven geotextile or short filament nonwoven geotextile according to the length of the yarn used. This allows us to comprehensively consider what kind of non-barrier geotextiles to be used according to actual needs. Non-woven geotextiles have good filtration, isolation, reinforcement, protection, and other characteristics, making non-barrier polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price popular among users.

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