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Building Materials Geotextile Nonwoven in Tai’an

Product Feature

1. because of the thermal method, additional strength and fewer elongation are achieved with identical weight.
2. needs a smaller cargo area.
3. will be factory-made up to a breadth of vi meters, resulting in less loss of fabric.
4. each white and tinted forms of ge0textile area unit factory-made from 100 percent pure yarn. No recycled material is employed.
5. merchandise will be factory-made with surface weight starting from fifty gr/m2 to one thousand gr/m2.

Product Application Range

The nonwoven cloth will be utilized in nearly any stabilization, separation or artifact application, and they area unit most typically utilized in areas that conjointly need filtration. The non woven style of the fabric provides a higher rate of flow through, making it easier for water to undergo the fabric. Some commen uses of the fabric include the following:
1. Road stabilization applications
2. Roofs
3. Civil applications
4. Railway work
5. Lowland lining
6. Trenches
7. Dams
8. Filtration beneath rip rap and rocks
9. Environmental applicationsApplication Range Building Materials Geotextile Nonwoven

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