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Seven Advantages of HDPE Geomembrane

1. Good homogeneity: HDPE geomembrane is produced by factory mechanization, which can better control product quality during the production process;

2. High tensile strength: The tensile strength of HDPE textured geomembrane for sale can reach about 10MPa, which can meet the practical requirements of construction and application;

3. High elongation at break: The elongation at break of HDPE geomembrane is up to more than 500%, which can better meet the needs of expansion or cracking of waterproof base of construction engineering to ensure waterproof quality;

4. High tear strength: the tear strength of HDPE LDPE geomembrane for sale is above 25KN/m;

5. Good heat resistance: HDPE geomembrane will not flow and generate concentrated bubbles under the temperature condition above 100°C;

6. Good low-temperature flexibility: generally below -20°C, some low-temperature flexibility is even below -45°C, wholesale LDPE geomembrane used under low-temperature conditions can improve the durability of the waterproof layer and enhance the adaptability of the waterproof layer ;

7. Strong corrosion resistance: HDPE geomembrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers has strong ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance and weather resistance, good aging resistance, and extended waterproof and durable life;

Seven Advantages of HDPE Geomembrane

Features of filament geotextile:

Strength-under the same gram weight specification, the tensile strength in all directions is higher than other needle punched nonwoven fabrics.
Anti-ultraviolet light-has extremely high anti-ultraviolet capability.
Extreme high-temperature performance-high temperature resistance up to 230℃, the high temperature still maintains the integrity of the structure and the original physical properties.
Permeability and flat drainage-The The geotextile is thick and needle-punched has good flat drainage and vertical water permeability, and can still maintain this performance after many years.
Creep resistance-Geotextile creep resistance is better than another filament nonwoven geotextile for sale, so it has good long-term durability. It can resist the corrosion of common chemical substances in the soil and the corrosion of gasoline and diesel.
Ductility-Geotextile has a good elongation under certain stress so that it can adapt to the irregular base surface.

Technical characteristics of filament geotextile: The geotextile is thick, which can ensure the three-dimensional void ratio of the wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile, which is conducive to the realization of excellent hydraulic performance. The bursting strength of geotextile has great advantages, especially suitable for the reinforcement of retaining walls and embankments. The indexes of geotextiles all exceed national standards and are excellent geotechnical reinforcement materials.

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