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Construction Of Landfill

Solid waste landfill generally uses excavation of mines and another landfill to do the seepage control. There will be thousands of tons of garbage to be buried, so generally use the 1.5mm thickness of high quality HDPE geomembrane, the width should be greater than 6 meters, to reduce welding seam. As it turns out, 70% of the leakage from landfills occurs in welded seams. Rough geomembrane can be used in slope to increase friction coefficient and maximize available volume.

1. Rolling and leveling the surface to be laid, digging blind ditches and laying exhaust and drainage pipes. More specific grassroots treatment, according to the design requirements.

2. After laying the geotechnical protection liner, the HDPE anti-seepage film can be laid. Prepare sandbags and other heavy objects and compaction the laid HDPE anti-seepage film to prevent wind from blowing. During laying, welding joints should be minimized and the most suitable laying scheme should be selected according to the actual site size.

Construction Of Landfill

3. Test welding shall be carried out before welding, and appropriate welding parameters shall be selected according to the climate of the day. When welding, use professional welding equipment. Large area welding, using double track hot melt automatic crawling welding machine; For T – shaped and cross-shaped welding and scarring, hot melt extrusion welding machine shall be used.

4. Steep slope welding with a rope ladder or scaffold. Welder technician should take safety measures.

5. Anchorage ditch excavation: the anchorage ditch is a u-shaped trench with a size of 50cm 50cm 50cm, which is backfilled with soil or anchored with plain concrete; The platform of the steep slope can be dug and then the anchorage ditch can be dug for anchoring. Rock layers can be bolted and sealed with bolts and batten.

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