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Precautions for using pond impermeable membrane

The price of the impermeable membrane can reflect the quality of the impermeable membrane to a certain level, and the use period lies in the laying and application of the natural environment. The impermeable geomembrane is mainly the performance of the waterproof layer, and the key to the performance of the waterproof layer lies in the performance of the waterproof layer of the plastic membrane. The excellent anti-seepage LDPE geomembrane for sale has excellent corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and excellent cold resistance. The impermeability of the plastic film can block the leaking pipeline of the dam body and bear the pressure, with great compressive strength and elongation.

Problems Should Be Paid Attention to When Laying Fish Pond Geomembrane

The application of impermeable geomembrane in ponds is very clear. What should you pay attention to during the whole process of your application?

1. For rockfill dams, there may be large porosity in the middle of the block. Although the surface of the concrete dam is relatively smooth, the surfaces of the settlement joints and deformation joints and its roller compacted concrete dams are generally uneven and have large porosity and gaps. Under high pressure, the impermeable geomembrane of the pond is likely to cause excessive deformation. It is proposed to apply the strengthened pond anti-seepage geomembrane or the raw materials of the pond anti-seepage high quality aquaculture geomembrane and non-woven geotextile, and confirmed according to relative experiments;

2. The damage of uneven foundation settlement to the deformation of the impermeable geomembrane of the pond must be considered;

3. Pay attention to the surface maintenance of the impermeable geomembrane of the pond. For gentle slopes, thin mixed abnormal soil slabs can be used; for slopes, sprayed concrete and steel-plastic grids can be used for structural reinforcement. For vertical steep slopes, maintenance is generally not required;

4. The surface friction resistance of the pond impermeable geomembrane is low, and the economic benefit ratio of HDPE (the ratio of the broken line of the pond impermeable geomembrane to the diamond grinding head angle and the ratio of the internal friction broken line) is about 0.58, and the PVC reaches 0.88. In the design scheme, the reliability of the pond water barrier film on steep slopes and the reliability of the soil layer covering the film should be checked. Apply the impermeable China HDPE liner factory price to the pool and the geotextile on both sides. For slopes, the top of the anti-seepage geomembrane for fish tunnel construction should be buried in the top trench.

A pond impermeable membrane is a kind of flexible waterproof and insulating material made of PE epoxy resin. The color is gray-black, the thickness is 0.5-1.0mm, the large format is 1-6m, and the roll length is 30-50 meters.

Pond breeding impermeable membrane itself has a high waterproof layer index, and its application working temperature is high temperature 110 ℃, ultra-low temperature -70 ℃, anti-corrosion coatings that can resist strong alkalis, alkalis, oils, etc., and also have high The compressive strength can take into account the needs of the farm, the aging resistance is strong, it can be exposed for a long time while maintaining the original performance, and it can be used under various extreme geological and climatic conditions.

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