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Preparatory Work Before Construction of Geocell

1. Site selection
Generally, factors such as the specific transportation environment, sanitary environment, whether the site is open and ventilated, and whether the transportation of materials are convenient should be considered. The site should be selected to be built in a flat, open, air-circulating environment. There are several drainage outlets to ensure smooth drainage. The site needs to consider the actual role and industry standards during the site selection and planning process. When materials are stacked on the site, it is necessary to classify the properties of the materials, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible, and place them in a cool and humid place. In addition to the fixed material storage area in the site, there also need to be a parking area dedicated to machinery and equipment, agitating areas, etc. Each area needs a special person to carry out management and supervision to ensure that the environment in the area is clean and tidy, and to prevent sunlight and rain. Environmental adverse effects. All machinery and equipment need to be adjusted regularly to ensure that they can be used at any time. Each area needs to have a corresponding management logo to avoid congestion when storing materials and equipment.

2. Equipment preparation
According to the construction tasks, contract duration, and quality requirements, it is equipped with mechanical equipment such as stable soil mixing equipment, vibration rollers, rubber rollers, loaders, sprinklers, dump trucks, etc., and all equipment is installed and debugged before construction starts to ensure the machinery The equipment is in good working order.

3. Acceptance of cushion
Persistent work must be carried out in accordance with relevant industry regulations and specific operating methods and operating standards for building construction. For road surfaces that do not meet the quality acceptance of highway engineering, technicians need to take immediate action according to the situation.

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