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Characteristics and Uses of Biaxially Stretched Plastic Geogrid

The biaxially stretched plastic geogrid produced by uniaxial plastic geogrid manufacturers is made of the high-molecular polymer through the process of extrusion, forming, and punching, and then stretched longitudinally and laterally. This kind of structure can also provide an ideal interlocking system of more effective bearing and diffusion in the soil, which is suitable for foundation reinforcement of large-scale permanent load-bearing.

1. Increase the bearing capacity of the road (ground) foundation and extend the service life of the road (ground) foundation;

2. Prevent the road (ground) surface from collapsing or cracking, and keep the ground beautiful and tidy;

3. Convenient construction, saving time and effort, shortening construction period and reducing maintenance costs;

4. Prevent cracks in the culvert;

5. Strengthen soil slope to prevent soil erosion;

6. Reduce cushion thickness and save cost;

7. Stable green environment to support grass planting net mats on slopes;

8. Can replace metal mesh for false roof nets in coal mines;

Product use: Biaxially stretched high quality uniaxial plastic geogrid are suitable for various dams and roadbed reinforcements, slope protection, cave wall reinforcements, and large-scale airports, parking lots, dockyards and other permanent bearing foundation reinforcements.

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