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Method for Extending The Service Life of Geomembrane

In general, there are still many types of geomembrane. When using geomembrane, we can understand that the expired waterproof performance is still very good, but the best product is also with a certain length of use, so how can we extend the wholesale HDPE geomembrane What is the life cycle?

The timely and repeated inspection and maintenance of the waterproof geomembrane is a necessary condition to ensure the normal use of the geomembrane and extend the service life of the geomembrane, which is also an important part of the geomembrane construction. The inspection of waterproof geomembrane is mainly divided into two aspects before and after use. The difference in this time is to ensure the normal use of HDPE geomembrane for sale, which can be said to be a double guarantee. Before the construction of the geomembrane is laid, the whole and splicing parts should be inspected, and the marks should be repaired in time. After the laying of the geomembrane is completed, the surface of the laid geomembrane needs to be visually inspected to determine again whether the geomembrane has defects.

Method for Extending The Service Life of Geomembrane

Although the waterproof geomembrane has undergone corresponding anti-ultraviolet treatment during the manufacturing process, it should avoid long-term strong light irradiation during daily maintenance, and stay away from water and high-temperature storage environments. Improving the use time of HDPE geomembrane manufacturers can save the enterprise a lot of expenses, so I need to pay attention to the construction of the geomembrane construction so that the geomembrane construction quality can be effectively extended and the geomembrane can be effectively extended. The lifetime of the membrane.

For those who have experience in geomembrane construction, the selection of geomembrane also needs to meet certain conditions. The quality of high quality HDPE geomembrane is not only related to the use effect of the product, but also a very important factor for the construction quality of the project. What elements should be paid attention to when choosing?

The corrosion resistance of geomembrane affects the service life
Geomembrane has good erosion resistance to bacteria and chemical action, not afraid of erosion by acids, alkalis, and salts, and has a long service life when protected from light.

Geomembrane accepts greater water pressure
When the water pressure is too large, the low price aquaculture geomembrane is crushed and broken down at the sir nose pores of the support layer, and it is laid on the sand and gravel layers of different grades to break down the water head. It can be seen that the better the particle gradation, the stronger the water pressure resistance function, and the finer the grain, the stronger the water pressure resistance.

The thickness of the geomembrane directly affects the quality of the project
Reducing leakage to prevent construction damage, hydraulic breakdown, foundation deformation, and tearing of the geomembrane all require a thickness of the high quality environmental geomembrane. In addition to the calculation method to determine the film thickness by water pressure resistance, there is no other method to determine the film thickness.

25mm。 The thickness of the film calculated based on the size of the hydraulic pressure is generally thin, and a large coefficient is required in practice. The thickness of the commonly used geomembrane is generally not less than 0.25mm. The above factors are the main points we should pay attention to when selecting the environmental geomembrane manufacturers. The quality of geomembrane engineering construction is also affected by these factors, so consumers must do a good job before choosing the product Product understanding.

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