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The Good and Bad of The Geomembrane is Directly Related to The Geotextile

Geotextile is made of non-woven fabric. Mainly used to strengthen the foundation. , Is made of high-density polyethylene, mainly used to prevent seepage. The combination of the two is a composite geomembrane, which is divided into one cloth and one membrane and two cloths and one membrane, which has stronger reinforcement and anti-seepage performance.

The quality of the composite geomembrane is directly related to the geotextile, geomembrane and production process. Geotextiles are divided into national standard geotextiles and non-standard geotextiles. Good quality composite geomembrane, we must choose national standard geotechnical. At the same time when selecting low cost textured geomembrane, we also need to select national standard geomembrane. At the same time, we must strictly control the production process and strictly follow the process of the production process. We must not “drive fast” to avoid affecting the thermal recombination degree of the composite geomembrane and the overall quality of the composite geomembrane.

Geomembrane is a kind of high molecular polymer material. Because of its excellent characteristics, it is often favored by people in use. It has relatively good tear resistance, so it can adapt to changes in various environments. Whether to prevent pollution or water penetration, geomembrane has many excellent characteristics.

First of all, there are many specifications, which facilitate the cutting behavior in various construction environments. This can not only ensure the integrity of operations in various environments but also ensure that cutting can save a lot of trouble.
Secondly, because it has good corrosion resistance, no matter it is used in the chemical industry or the petroleum smelting industry, it will not cause corrosion and affect its use.
Thirdly, it has good chemical properties and is relatively stable, so even if it is used in an environment with more active chemical properties, corrosion will not occur.
Finally, the use of textured geomembrane factory price in the landfill and disposal of garbage dumps can effectively protect the environment from harmful substances.

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