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How Should HDPE Geomembrane be Constructed on Top of The Slag Yard?

The role of HDPE geomembrane is mainly to isolate the contact of rainwater and phosphogypsum slag. HDPE geomembrane is only laid on the top surface of the slag yard and does not bear the weight of phosphogypsum. From the perspective of saving investment and facilitating construction, HDPE geomembrane What should the construction requirements of the membrane be?

1. The foundation surface should meet the requirements of cleanliness, flatness, and compaction before laying the textured geomembrane factory price.

2. The technical performance indexes of impervious materials must meet the design requirements and be constructed in accordance with the relevant specifications.

construction of geomembrane on top of slag yard

3. The welding of the prefabricated HDPE sleeve and HDPE geomembrane at the water collection port shall be carried out according to the specifications, and the top of the HDPE sleeve shall be 0.2 m higher than the geomembrane.

4. After the laying of the geomembrane is completed, finished product protection is required to ensure the integrity of the anti-seepage structure.

The isolation effect of HDPE geomembrane reduces the supplement of rainwater to the phosphogypsum slag body, effectively reduces the infiltration line of the accumulation dam, accelerates the consolidation of phosphogypsum, and has a beneficial effect on the stability of the phosphogypsum accumulation dam. The 1.0mm thick single rough HDPE treatment method of geomembrane throwing on all four sides was selected as the membrane for the anti-seepage system during the slag recovery operation.

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