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Installation Guide Of Geogrid

Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. give some professional advice on the installation process of geogrid.

1. Mechanical Laying

Install the whole roll of geogrid on the rewinding frame in front of the tractor.

Move the tractor forward to make sure the biaxial geogrid is sticking straight to the road surfaces.

Use the light roller with rubber wheel to roll 1-2 times.

Paving asphalt mixture pavement.

2. Manual Laying

Place the whole roll of geogrid on the back of the truck or on the rolling rack of the trolley.

Make sure that the spool is locked and the cloth does not come loose.

Step on one end of the grate as the truck (or trolley) moves slowly forward. If there is slack in the grille, adjust it immediately to prevent creases.

With the rubber wheel of light roller rolling 1-2 times, activated the grille back glue can spread asphalt pavement.

Installation Guide Of Geogrid

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