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The Main Role of Geotextile

With the need of engineering construction, the use of geotextiles is becoming more and more widespread. The most common use of geotextiles is to make impervious materials, but there are many other aspects of geotextiles. Let’s take a look at other functions of high quality filament nonwoven geotextile.

1. Filtration
When water flows from the fine-grained soil layer to the coarse-grained soil layer, the good air permeability and water permeability of the needled wholesale filament nonwoven geotextile are used to pass the water flow, and the soil particles, fine yarns and small stones are effectively intercepted to maintain the stability of the soil and water engineering.

2. Drainage
Geotextile is a good water-conducting material that can form a drainage channel inside the soil to remove excess liquid and gas from the soil structure.

3. Reinforcement
Needle wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile are used to enhance the tensile strength and resistance of the soil, increase the stability of the building structure, and improve the quality of the soil.

The Main Role of Geotextile

4. Protection
Geomembrane effectively diffuses, transmits or decomposes the concentrated stress to prevent the soil from being destroyed by external force.

5. Anti-filter
It refers to keeping the soil particles affected by the osmotic pressure from being lost while passing the liquid. Polyester filament spunbond needle-punched polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale can replace the traditional grit filter layer, which has the advantages of reduced engineering volume, convenient construction and fast speed.

6. Reverse filtration for dam lifting and slope protection
The back surface of the upstream and downstream faces of the earth-rock dam core or inclined wall, earth-rock cofferdam, slope protection and other water-retaining structures can be used as the filter layer of polyester filament spunbond needle-punched wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile.

7. Drainage
Using the permeability of the material, the water is discharged from the soil or geotechnical structure through its permeable channel. Polyester filament spunbond needle-punched geotextile can replace traditional drainage bodies such as gravel or concrete pipes.

The good performance of geotextile also makes more and more manufacturers begin to sell polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price, which makes it impossible for us to choose better quality products when purchasing, so we are purchasing It is very necessary to understand the product at the time.

Geotextile, that is, short silk geotextile or short fiber geotextile, is a water-permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers by needle punching or weaving. Generally speaking, the finished product of our common geotextile is cloth-shaped, with a width of 1 to 6 meters and a length of 50 to 100 meters. What are the other indicators of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price?

The Main Role of Geotextile

Performance characteristics: good flexibility and easy construction, with good permeable filtration and isolation performance.
Purpose: It is used for the filtration, isolation and drainage maintenance of highways, railways, dams, reclamation and other projects.
Product specifications: 100g / ㎡ ~ 800g / ㎡.
Packing specification: width 1m-6m; length 50m-100m.
The short wire geotextile has good water permeability, and can resist corrosion and aging, can adapt to the uneven base and resist external construction damage, and can maintain its original function under long-term load under small creep. In the selection process of filament nonwoven geotextile for sale, we must understand the relevant performance characteristics in order to choose the right product.

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