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Method for Increasing Tensile Strength and Puncture Resistance of Composite Geomembrane

The composite geomembrane is used for day and night traffic of high-grade highway pavement and bridge deck pavement. Addition amount: kg / m3, abrasion layer: 3.5kg / m3.

When adding 2.5 kilograms of asphalt pavement <5000 1.5 special reinforcing fibers per cubic meter of asphalt concrete, the composite geomembrane has about 5,000-6000 2.5 per cubic meter of asphalt concrete, and more than 850 million separated fibers are uniformly distributed in a three-dimensional structure. In 6000 3.5 asphalt concrete, it provides a good reinforcement for asphalt concrete, thereby ensuring that asphalt concrete has excellent strength, stability, durability and crack resistance.

Benefit analysis: The tensile strength of the wholesale textured geomembrane is greatly improved, and an increase of about 15% can improve the oil permeability. If the amount of asphalt is the same, the porosity will increase, which will help improve the stability of the asphalt concrete. If the same porosity is maintained, the amount of asphalt will be increased. It can increase by 0.3%. When laying the film, it must be laid from top to bottom.

The film should be pressed tightly between the film and the base surface, but it should not be pulled too tight. Generally, it should be slightly loose, but there should be no air bubbles at the bottom of the film. Because the geomembrane is relatively thin and light, it is easy to be blown by the wind before the protective layer is laid, so the area of ​​a single film should not be large.

According to the information provided by the manufacturer, the width of the composite geomembrane is 1.0 ~ 1.9m. This project uses a width of 1.9m to reduce the joint material. The joints have methods such as hot sticking, gluing, lap jointing, etc. This project is designed with gluing, and the joint width is 50mm. Now there is a new type of composite geomembrane-warp knitted composite geomembrane.

The warp-knitted composite geomembrane is a new type of geotechnical material made of synthetic fiber (or glass fiber) as a reinforcing material and compounded with a composite geomembrane.

Warp-knitted composite geomembrane is different from the general composite environmental geomembrane factory price. The biggest feature is that the intersections of the warp and weft are not curved, and they are in a flat state.

Tie the two together firmly with a binding line, which can be synchronized more comprehensively and uniformly, withstand external forces and distribute stress, and when the external force is applied to tear the material, the yarn will gather along the initial crack, increasing the tear resistance.

When the warp knitting is combined, the warp knitting yarn is used to repeatedly pass between the warp, weft yarn and the fiber layer of the needle-punched non-woven waterproof geotextile, so that the three are knitted into one. Therefore, the warp-knitted composite geomembrane not only has the characteristics of high tensile strength and low elongation but also has the waterproof performance of the composite geomembrane.

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